The psychological key to growing a coaching business

The psychological key to growing a coaching business

I have been getting a lot of calls recently from coaches and other industry professionals who are experiencing a severe bout of self-doubt and it’s got me thinking about my own experiences of this when I first started in the coaching industry almost 16 years ago!

I remember that I was the one sitting in the back of the room at the coaching training, not talking to anyone and absolutely petrified at the thought of having to speak in public. I had zero confidence but I knew deep down I wanted to help people.

I was terrified of being rejected and that has been the NUMBER 1 challenge that I have faced in my business; overcoming rejection.

REJECTION! The killer of Businesses and Entrepreneurs!

I believe you can categorise rejection in most psychology challenges:

  1. Rejecting self
  2. Rejecting others
  3. Rejecting opportunities that are in front of you


If you have any of this going on, it is going to massively hold you back in your business. What is often missed in business education is the psychological component. It is crucial that this becomes a focus and even more crucial that if you’re going to invest in coaching training, that the training provider has a comprehensive program to help overcome this. Warts and all!

If we look at the opposite of rejection, it is ACCEPTANCE.

Imagine being able to fully accept every part of yourself, free from self- judgment and ridicule. In essence you become people-proof and able to maintain your confidence and presence in any situation.

In order to transform rejection, acceptance is crucial and even more specifically:

  1. Accept self
  2. Accept others
  3. Accept opportunities that are in front of you


In our Coach Now program, we look at not just developing great coaches but we also look at how we build YOU as a person. People that have come through our trainings claim that our coaching programs are the MOST life-changing programs on the marketplace today.

To be a great coach, you have to have a natural desire to help people, an interest in constantly learning and most importantly, a commitment to becoming the best version of yourself.

Remember, your business will never outperform your psychology or skill level.

We would love to give you more information about our upcoming Coach Now program to help you become the best version of you, just email [email protected] or phone us on 1800 552 168.

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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