Let’s set goals together

Let’s set goals together

My team, our clients, the people who attend  Live it Now and I, we all have  something in common: goals.

One of the biggest keys to reaching your goals is knowing what you want, because remember, we either know what we want, or we know what we don’t want. So why not chase what we want, hard?

Let’s take a look at the keys to an achievable outcome.

Take a moment to turn off your phone, grab a notebook and pen, and fully commit to the process.

Step 1. What specifically do you want?

It’s essential this is stated in the positive. You see the unconscious mind can’t process negatives, so if your goal is to ‘not be fat’ then your unconscious mind will focus on ‘be fat’ Could that make it hard to lose weight?

Step 2. Specify the present situation.

Where are you now? If your goal is to have $50,000.00 by the end of the year, look at how much you are starting with. Look at the difference, and put yourself in the picture. Literally picture yourself with your $50k. Maybe you’re picturing looking at your internet banking screen, perhaps you have cash on your bed and you’re rolling around in it.

Step 3. Specify the outcome.

Ask yourself, ‘what will I see, hear, feel…?’ and answer as if it is happening now. I have a goal to launch Ultimate Life Recharge Bali this year, so an example would be “I am standing on the soft sand of Sanur with a warm breeze on my face. I am recharged, energised, and feel the best I have felt in months.”

Make sure you can see the picture clearly, fill it with as many details as you can. What is the weather like? What are you wearing?

Step 4. Specify the evidence.

How will you know when you have it?

If you have painted a vivid enough picture in Step 3 then there may not be much evidence required, but think of something specific that shows you that you have definitely achieved your goal.

If we’re looking at weight, do you have an exact reading you want to see on the scales? A pair of jeans you want to fit into?

Step 5. Is this congruently desirable?

What will achieving this outcome get for you, or allow you to do?

Your goal might be to launch a nutrition business that values employees, harbours an entrepreneurial spirit within the team, and allows you to work from a tropical oasis three months a year.

To make this outcome even more appealing, what else would this outcome get for you?

Is the office paperless, can staff can take paid time off to engage in volunteer work? What other opportunities will this business create?

Step 6. Is this self-initiated and self-maintained?

Is this outcome just for you, or are there other people involved?

If there are others, what role do they play?

Step 7. Is this appropriately contextualized?

Get clear on where, when, how, and with whom you want to achieve this outcome.

Use this step as another opportunity to get really specific.  

Step 8. What resources are needed?

What do you have now, and what do you need to get to your outcome?

This is where we look at how we’re going to achieve our desired result.

Ask yourself, have you ever had or done this before? Do you know anyone who has? Can you act as if you have it?

Step 9. Is this ecological?

Is the outcome you’re chasing good for you, and those around you?

This is important as it is an opportunity to reflect on your goal, and how it will affect you and the people you care about.

What will happen if you get it? What won’t happen if you get it??

There they are, nine keys to an achievable outcome!

If you enjoyed this process and would like to learn more about the keys and how to follow through and implement them in the areas of health, wealth, relationships and spirituality, then register for our Coach Now course today. Coach Now course today. 

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