Spread The Live it Now Joy This Christmas

Spread The Live it Now Joy This Christmas

Have you attended Live it Now in the past, and wished you had a spouse, family member, or close friend to share the experience with? Or would you love to attend for the first time, and set goals with a special someone? Well, in the spirit of Christmas giving, now you can! To celebrate our big end of 2016 Live it Now Christmas Spectacular, we have a two-for-one offer that is the perfect Christmas gift.

Christmas is the time of giving, and there is no better gift for you, or those you care about, than the gift of freedom.

Attend Live it Now Again

For all of our courses, I suggest people attend three times to create mastery. The first time we hear information we go into overwhelm. The second time we work out the things we know we didn’t know. The third time, we create mastery.

We have so many people attend Live it Now for the second time with their partner or family members, and they get so much out of the process of setting goals together and learning how to communicate with each other, that their results are multiplied by more than just two.

Last year, Bernice and Leon attended Live it Now in chaos. They had recently separated, they couldn’t communicate, and it was impacting both their lives and the lives of their children. Through releasing past hurts and fears, they were speaking to each other again by the end of Day 1, and by Day 2, they were reunited and back in love. They have since attended all of our other courses, they crew at Live it Now, and can always be seen holding hands and causing mischief together everywhere they go!

Crew at Live it Now

If you have attended Live it Now already, you will know that the element of surprise is one of the most exciting parts of the whole weekend! You start off in a room full of strangers doing the Mexican stare off on Saturday morning, then within hours, you’re a family.

If you would like to support your family and friends as they go through this transformation, there is no better way than to come and crew at Live it Now! Not only do you get to hear the information for a second time, you also get to spend more quality time learning from the presenters first-hand.

So many people who crew at Live it Now tell me they got more out of the weekend through assisting others than they did as a participant!

Give the Gift of Live it Now

Can’t make it this weekend? No worries, we have you, and your Christmas shopping covered. This two-for-one VIP ticket offer gets you two individual tickets that can be used to attend any Live it Now weekend in 2017.

So, you could give one ticket to a friend or family member, and use the other one as a Kris Kringle gift!

With the Live it Now weekend being worth over $3000, you will score some serious love tank points for just $47.

Live it Now VIP Ticket

For $47, a Live it Now ticket gives you

– Catering throughout the Live it Now weekend

– Water bottle

– Training manual and pen for recording all your goals, learnings, and actions!

To purchase your two-for-one Live it Now VIP tickets, please contact Santa’s Live it Now Workshop on 1800552168 or email [email protected]

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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