Start a Career in Life Coaching

Start a Career in Life Coaching

One of the fastest growing industries in the world is Life Coaching, Why? Because there is something in it for everyone. As a coach, you are constantly growing, evolving and stretching your abilities. Your clients are too, as you show them how to power towards a life they will really love.

I love a win-win situation and this is probably the biggest of them all.

This course is ever evolving to ensure it says right at the cutting edge of coaching practice. These five days are packed full of practical advice and hands-on demonstrations to ensure you hit the ground running in all aspects of coaching, consulting, and building your own powerful coaching business.

Using years of coaching, consulting, business and teaching experience, Your Future Now has a tailor-made package that will have you inspired, energised and ready for action.

Want more? This course has a lifetime re-sit policy. You pay for it once and you come back, again and again, to stay fresh, to reconnect and to keep up to date as we continue to apply new information sourced from our own positive psychology arm The Institute of Behavioural Science.

I believe that to be successful, all we have to do is help others to be successful. My hope is that by encouraging our students to re-sit Coach Now multiple times and by giving them the business model blueprint to launch a life coaching business, that we will continue to train world-class coaches right here in Australia!

5 Reasons To Register For Coach Now Today

• Lifetime re-sit policy
• 5 days of intensive face-to-face training
• 5 online follow-up sessions
• Closed Facebook group for further support and guidance
• 11-module coaching scripts you can rebrand and use to launch your business

We also have Specialised Coaching Modules on Health, Business, and Relationships that are FREE as part of the Coach Now trainings. These modules will help you to get even better results when you have discovered the niche you want to work in.

All the materials you need to start coaching are supplied. That’s right, all the scripts, personality tests, paperwork and even the declarations for your clients are included. You don’t have to pay to use these materials, they are part of your course purchase.

What you get in your script package
1. DASS test to ensure your clients are not highly anxious or depressed as well as access to a Melbourne-based positive psychologist for low score referrals.
2. Internal representation test to reveal the best communication style to engage your clients
3. DISC personality test to understand your client’s motivators and personality traits.
4. Free introductory session to plot a potential client’s view on their life, uncover challenges and get them inspired and committed to reaching their goals.
5. 10 coaching session scripts including educational components, activities and progress recording.
6. 10 client session copies, giving your clients access to key points from your session and a place to record their future actions and notes.
7. Prompts for referrals and testimonials to grow your business

At Coach Now you will not just be handed a blueprint for a successful life coaching businesses. The pre-sign questionnaires and 11 modules that make up your coaching practice will be walked through and explained step by step by our professional coaching staff. You get first-hand experience and knowledge of what the coaching modules are like as a client and see just how possible incredible results can be.

This is a course that will change your life, and help you to change other people’s as well!

If you are ready and committed to changing lives, register for our incredible 5-day Coach Now training today. It’s live, hands-on, and will open doors to places you didn’t know existed.

See you there,
Matt Catling

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