Steady Personality – DISC Type Analysis Part 3

Steady Personality – DISC Type Analysis Part 3

You may have met someone with a steady personality type before. They are the person who will bend over backwards making sure every glass and plate are full at a BBQ, they’ll be ensuring the air conditioning is the perfect temperature at all times, and making sure that everyone they can see has every possible need catered for. They will be doing all of this and putting themselves last, and relishing it.

A steady personality is often the rock of a family, friend group, or even a company, as they can always be relied on to think of every detail that needs taking care of. This is why we love them.

Are You A Steady Personality?

If you’re a steady personality type you most likely don’t feel comfortable being rushed into making a decision. You need some time to think things over, and work out how your decision will affect those around you.

It’s important to you that those you care about are happy and comfortable, and have all their needs taken care of and multiple options to get those needs met.

However, ensuring everyone’s needs are met before your own can lead to burnout and feeling underappreciated, and sometimes, when there are no boundaries in place, even taken advantage of.

Steady personalities are people focussed but often get so caught up in the act of serving everyone they forget to fill up their love tank. That means genuine connections with people, having ‘me’ time, accepting help from someone else. Burn out and stress is a real concern here so try to keep in mind that you can best serve others only when you yourself are well served. Taking time out for you is a must for staying happy and healthy.

An example of this is the safety demonstration on an aeroplane. As you may recall, the cabin crew advise you to put on your air mask first, before helping people around you with their masks. It’s no good helping one or two people then passing out, when you could ensure you have your oxygen sorted before maybe even landing the plane!

Communicating With a Steady Personality

When you’re communicating with a steady personality, it’s all about the community, the team, the ‘we’. Use inclusive words such as ‘we’ and ‘us’, speak slowly, and use a gentle tone.

Steady personality types do not like to be rushed into decisions. If you are presenting a change to them, give them time and information so they can digest what’s happening and why.

Be consistent in your patterns with them so they know what to expect – if you text before visiting, make sure you always text rather than just popping in for example.

In the workplace, if you’re managing a steady personality type then make time to sit and discuss how they are going and what they think of any upcoming changes in the workplace. Ask them for opinions on things that were discussed in team meetings and how you can support them to support the team. Most importantly, check in on how their workload is going before you ask if they can do more. They will probably say yes even if they are already swamped or stressed!

The Steady Personality

As you can see, the steady personality cares about everything and everyone, and is only comfortable once everyone else is comfortable too. They are loyal, steadfast, patient, and care deeply.

Cherish the steady personalities in your life, because when you love them and value them, they will love you even more.

At Live it Now we help you uncover what DISC personality type you are, and give you tools to communicate with all different personality types. If you would like to learn this vital communication skill, register for our next Live it Now weekend today.
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