The Presuppositions of NLP

The Presuppositions of NLP

The presuppositions of NLP are the principles by which NLP is founded. These principles have been modelled from people who have a reputation of constantly producing superb results, and from natural laws and systems theories.

NLP is a set of powerful skills, as well as a philosophy and an attitude that will help those whose goals consist of excellence in everything they do. If you want to discover what can actually happen in your life by agreeing to the following statements, come and join me now.




  1. Show respect towards the other person’s model of the world.

Our experience of the world varies. Every person is unique and has their own distinct way of being themselves and doing things.

  1. The map is not the territory.

People have this tendency to respond to their own map of reality rather than responding to reality itself. We make sense of the world through our senses and our personal experiences, that’s why we perceive events differently.

  1. Mind and body form an interconnected system.

Our body and health affects our mental attitude and therefore our behaviour.

  1. Do something else if what you are doing is not working the way it should.

The key to success is flexibility.

  1. It is better to have options than to have no options at all.

When we have choices there are higher chances of achieving results.

  1. We are constantly communicating.

Even moments of silence are considered as communication. Most of the time, non-verbal ways of communication account for the larger part of the message.

  1. The response you receive is a result to the meaning of your communication.

How a person interprets and responds to your communication determines your effectiveness. NLP sharpens your skills and your flexibility so that your message is not only clear to you but clear to the person receiving it.

  1. There is no such thing as failure.

When we view failure as a success that just ended too soon, we will then stop putting the blame on others and onto ourselves. This paves the way for finding solutions and improving on the quality of the task.

  1. Behind every behaviour there is a positive intention.

No matter how annoying and negative some actions and words can be, there is always some kind of positive intention behind it. This kind of understanding will lead to less disagreements, help us to remain calm, and push us to move forward instead.

  1. When tasks are broken down into small steps, the more likely they are to be accomplished.

It’s necessary to break down activities into smaller steps that are manageable in order to accomplish things. NLP helps in analysing what things need to be done and also seeks to find strategies that are both effective and efficient.

If you would like to learn more about NLP and learn how you can use it in your life, join Matt Catling and the Your Future Now team at our next free Live it Now event!

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