The Proof You Need To Break Through Mental Barriers

The Proof You Need To Break Through Mental Barriers

Most people don’t realise that the only thing holding you back from the life they want is internal. It’s my passion and mission to change lives by teaching people how to break free from the barriers that are holding them back from a rich and rewarding life.

Anyone can have this, anyone at all. If you are 10 or 100 you can do this and just love living life. Love every minute of it and be thankful for it all, even the rough bits.

What will your tomorrow look like? Will it look like a carbon copy of today or will it be a complete surprise what comes your way?

We get this choice every day, multiple times a day really, our entire lives, but only if we want to. You can live your life just how it is right now, going through the motions and reliving the same pain-points of your daily routine OR you can push through the barriers that are stopping you from living your dream life and have an exciting, successful and memorable life.

No matter what area of life you are looking to improve, it always comes back to the same answer for how to push through and get results: Mindset. This works for everyone no matter if your struggle is:

  • Launching your own business
  • Learning and education
  • Romantic relationships (or lack of these)
  • Enjoying or progressing in your career
  • Family relationships
  • Your physical health
  • Your emotional health (feeling down, anxious, stuck or angry)
  • Your financial situation
  • Social anxiety (online or off)

I’ve met thousands of people who say they want a better life but they honestly don’t know what to do or what to change to get there. Usually people look for an external reason. They feel there is an external thing or external behaviour they can change that will make a difference. Or they have a big regret, if this one thing hadn’t happened in their life, everything would be okay. 

Here’s the thing, it’s not about anything out there,  it’s not about anything that has happened before and it’s not about anything that will happen in the future. It’s inside you. It’s your mindset. It’s right now, this very moment.

Nothing about your situation is going to magically change so you get better results, you have to be the one to make the difference.

Even if it’s about your marriage falling apart or stress with your boss, it’s still really about you and what’s going on in your head, not about what they are doing. Change your mind and your situation with them will change too.

What does your internal story say about you?

There are stories going on inside your head all the time. If those stories are negative about yourself and the world, you will get negative results. If your stories are positive and uplifting, you will meet amazing people, have incredible doors of opportunity open in front of you and be challenged to keep learning, keep growing and keep stepping up to get amazing results in your life.

If you are not seeing the result you want or not living the life you want, there is a story stuck in your head that is holding you back. It’s unique to you and probably not even something you are aware of. That voice is made up of a subconscious collection of memories, beliefs, values and life lessons you have been filing away since birth. 

Now, I want to be really clear on something here, you don’t get more opportunities when your mindset is positive, everyone has the same opportunities and the same invitations in life, the difference is, when you acknowledge them in a positive frame of mind you see them as something good, exciting, welcome and enriching, whereas in a negative frame you might see the exact same opportunity as

  • Too hard
  • Too risky
  • Impossible to achieve
  • Undesirable
  • Not worth the effort
  • Not a good fit
  • Badly timed
  • Lame/desperate/annoying 

You can probably come up with some examples in your own life pretty easily, times you’ve shot down an opportunity rather than embrace it. 

What I’ve seen time and time again is that the people who say yes with enthusiasm and give it their all, are the ones who get real gains and life changing results. Those who are forced, or who go reluctantly or have someone volunteer them, won’t get anything at all. The experience will be painful, negative and uncomfortable and it will just further entrench the idea that they would have been better off tucked up safe at home.

Think of some examples in your own life or draw on these to think about what your mindset is. What is your first reaction at the invitation of these events, and also attending a:

  • Speed dating night
  • Corporate retreat
  • New religious event with a friend
  • University theatre production
  • Mindset workshop
  • Beauty pageant
  • Blind date
  • Nightclub foam party
  • Networking event

Do you flinch, cringe and come up with excuses, reasons and facts that mean you don’t even have to consider going down that road? 

What other opportunities are you blocking off and saying no to every single day?

If you believe in yourself and know you can get to the end, you will. It’s that easy.

If you question your ability, you will stop working towards what you want. You will shut off the opportunities to have the life of your dreams because you have a story that says it’s not going to work, it’s never worked before, I’m not worthy, I’ll mess it up. 

Now that you know it’s on you to make an internal change, where do you start?

  1. Recognise your internal voice
  2. Adjust your belief systems 
  3. Say yes to new opportunities (get out of your comfort zone)
  4. Surround yourself with support

It starts with realising you have that inner voice and understanding that this voice has a solid influence on your experience of the world and how you react and respond every day to what is around you.

The influence our beliefs have on our daily experiences is known as filtering. We only see, hear and feel a tiny fragment of the world around us at every given moment. In order to make sense of it all, our brain needs a sorting system, so it filters what we already know to be true. It shows us things we already believe, already value and already do because that’s a lot easier and more comfortable than learning something new….or is it?

If our internal filters are set to negative things that hold us back from what we want and keep us stuck in a dead end job, a loveless relationship, scared of our own shadow or angry with the world, our comfort zone fails us. It’s not really a safe or comfortable place to be. The longer we stay in this uncomfortable comfort zone the more lost, agitated, depressed or anxious we become. We need to break out.

We need to change our minds to see positive things, be grateful for what we have and start appreciating who we really are.

This can be a bit hard to wrap your mind around to start with because we can get into a sequence of blaming someone or something else when things go wrong. We can become dependent on that blame, the general unfairness of life, justifying our behaviour and getting defensive, as an automatic mechanism to cope when we fall short of our goal or when things go in an unexpected direction.

What I’ve noticed is people like proof. They like some kind of evidence that proves to them that how they were thinking has been the block. 

When I prove to people what their genuine power is, they become unstoppable. 

All you need to do is give yourself room to try something new, you have to be willing to put yourself out of your current “comfort” zone and cross a finish line. 

If you have been living that other life- the life you don’t want- for a really long time, that challenge to do something different can feel really scary. So here’s what I say: Do it with someone else, better yet, do it with a room full of people.

You are not alone in doing something new and pushing through a barrier and the emotions that come with it- it’s totally normal and 100% human to feel uncertain about taking a new step, but it can feel like a mistake sometimes and it can really give your negative voice power. To believe that fear and nervousness and vulnerability show you as weak and wrong can really be unmotivating. Watching someone else as afraid as you, or even more afraid that you are, step up and do something they thought was impossible breaks the spell you are holding yourself in. And it also helps motivate you because suddenly, in a room of people you have someone to let down, there is something bigger than just you at stake. You want to be held accountable so you will follow through. 

It’s a lot harder to back down when you have so many people supporting you. 

I can show you how your filtering systems have been holding you back from seeing new opportunities and I can prove to you, without doubt, that you can do anything you set your mind to. 

You don’t have to believe it to start with, I’ll do that part for you for now. I believe you have what it takes to live the rewarding life you want, so I am going to make a space for you to come, learn and prove that for yourself once and for all. Join me, my incredible team of volunteers and a room full of people exactly in your position, looking for some way to change.

All it takes to change that inner voice to one that is helpful and empowering is to prove to yourself you are more than you think you are.

It’s my mission to help as many people as I can discover their inner power and get amazing results in their own life. I’m so excited about giving you the absolute proof you need to make a positive change in your life. All you need to do is show up, try something new and see if you like it.

You can break through some of your own mental barriers at our life-changing Live it Now weekend in Sydney, make sure you grab a free ticket and get ready for a world of new possibilities!




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