Tony Robbins Priming Routine – What does it do? Does it work?

Tony Robbins Priming Routine – What does it do? Does it work?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about creating a priming routine and getting into state. This is so important because our state determines our actions. If you have ever been to Live it Now you will recall that we have certain activities throughout the weekend all designed to help you change state.

Tony Robbins has created a morning priming routine that trains your mind to focus on your goals, and take steps to achieving them. It’s a powerful process as the directed breathing and movement help to centre you, getting you ready for whatever the day brings.

Listen to the Tony Robbins priming routine here

Tony Robbins Morning Priming

Tony Robbins starts his day by jumping into an ice cold plunge pool to awaken every cell of his body. This is rather extreme! I’m not suggesting you install a plunge pool in your home, however, what I would suggest is getting up and doing some exercise.

Getting outside is the best way to achieve this, so I would suggest a walk, jog, or bike ride to get the heart going. Every morning I walk along the beautiful Manly foreshore to Shelley Beach where I meditate and make a list of my goals for the day. I find this more powerful than jumping into icy water!

Priming Routine Part 1 – Breathing

Breathing is so important, but not just for keeping you alive! Have you ever noticed that you start yawning but you’re not tired? This often happens in a classroom environment. You’re taking in so much information, that you literally forget to breathe! This sends a signal to your brain to yawn, to make sure you’re getting in enough air.

For Robbins, he starts his priming routine with a series of 30 Kapalabhati Pranayama breaths. This is a yoga exercise that many yogis feel is dangerous for a beginner, as it involves taking a deep breath, then forcefully exhaling by constricting the abdomen. The breaths are all done in quick succession.

Until you gain experience or train with a professional, I would suggest sitting up with your head up and shoulders back, and ease in with 30 deep breaths. Really focus on each breath. Stay present in the moment, and concentrate on what each breath in, and each breath out feels like. This will be sure to still your mind and make sure you’re in the ‘now’.

Priming Routine Part 2 – Gratitude

At Live it Now we talk about responsibility being your ability to respond. You see, we all have the power to choose how we react, or respond, to any situation. By getting yourself into a positive state, if and when a challenge presents itself, you will be more likely to see the positive, the opportunity, rather than the negative.

In Tony Robbin’s priming routine he will simply think of three things he’s grateful for. You can do this too. You might think of people in your life, opportunities you have coming up that day, or even the struggles that life has thrown you over the years. See, none of us would be who we are today without the struggles we have overcome!

Priming Routine Part 3 – Meditation

As I mentioned earlier, this is something I do every morning at the halfway point of my walk. By making a list of goals I’m going to achieve that day and meditating, I then use the walk home to get into a highly positive state so I can take massive action.

When you wake up and reach for your phone or turn your laptop on and start browsing Facebook and Instagram, it’s easy for hours of time to evaporate. At this point, your unconscious mind will take the path of least resistance and tell you that so much time has been lost already, so you may as well watch a movie or go for coffee with friends instead of working on your goals.

In Robbins’ morning priming, he likes to say a prayer for his family and friends. His belief is that prayer is a spiritual practice, rather than the traditional religious connection usually associated with prayer.

Develop a Priming Routine

I constantly say this at Live it Now and every training we have; how you start is how you finish! Therefore I fundamentally believe that if you start your day with a good routine you will set yourself up for success.

This means you will achieve all your milestones throughout the day, and finish still full of energy and having moved closer to your 6 month, 12 month, and 7-year vision.

Do you have your own priming routine? Let me know in the comments below.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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