What are NLP Rapid Coaching Techniques?

What are NLP Rapid Coaching Techniques?

Rapid Coaching Techniques form part of a trio of strategies called Rapid Change Technology that I have created for excellence. When combined with Root Cause Techniques and Rapid Consulting Techniques, we see people who were achieving mid-level results start to explode.

Many people come to me looking for clarity as they believe that is the key. Clarity around their relationship, their business, their finances, their health or their spirituality will make their path and choices easier. Clarity doesn’t come up front though, it develops while we are on the journey!

Once you stop living in the past or the future, you become present to opportunities. That’s when clarity starts to unfold.  If you are out there searching for clarity my advice is to stop and shift your focus to enhancing your journey. Live your life right now. For me, the greatest way to achieve this is through being coached – I not only coach people, I have people that coach me too.

Rapid Coaching Techniques Programme

After working with thousands of clients I developed Rapid Coaching Techniques – the core to my Rapid Change Technology (RCT) – to help people become empowered, disciplined and focused. These coaching techniques use the ‘IM SMART Goal Setting Technology’ to help you create a vision for your life, for the upcoming six months, twelve months, and the seven years ahead.

I knew that coaching alone could get results, and that NLP techniques alone could get results too. By joining the two together, I knew with certainty that the time taken for people to achieve their goals could be reduced dramatically! So I developed this 11-session Rapid Coaching Techniques programme because I could see a gap in people’s lives that I could help fill.

The advanced planning techniques and educational components I also integrate into my coaching are designed to boost and maintain a high level of confidence and teach you new insights and ways to look at the world. This technology is designed to help you open doors of opportunity and uncover your true passion!

I’m still not sure I get coaching – what is it really?

Coaching is the process of assisting a person to make positive changes in a number of areas of life such as health, relationships, career, finances, emotions and spirituality. The job of as a coach is to keep their clients on track to their goals, offer new perspectives and ways of looking at a situation if they get stuck, and identify blockages that might be hindering their journey.

A coach will also give their client a structure to keep them motivated and accountable on their journey. With all this cleared away, clients steam toward their goals and check off their achievements. The result of this is increased clarity, energy, confidence and happiness.

The great news is that by training as a coach, you get all this provided to you and you are able to engage one of the Your Future Now coaches to assist you on your journey. Just like coaches of professional athletes, our coaches are here to give you an edge. They provide that extra push that will take your life to the next level and have you reaching your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

Coach Now Training

To become a coach, we put our students through an intensive Coach Now training programme that teaches them coaching fundamentals, more specifically, our training centres around coaching with NLP techniques. This means our coaches can help their clients to experience rapid breakthroughs in their life, let go of past issues holding them back and achieve their goals in the fastest way possible. We provide a supportive environment and lots of practical and proven tricks that you will be able to use going forward.

This coaching course is the most comprehensive training that a would-be coach could ever take! At Live it Now we say 90% of success is just showing up, and that couldn’t be more true for Coach Now. Some people follow through immediately and take action within the first three months. For others, it might be 6-12 months. But with our lifetime re-sit policy, we want coaches to come back a minimum of three times to create mastery. Then, just keep showing up!

The training is just step one! Step two in becoming a certified coach is to work with a minimum of five practice clients for the full length of a coaching cycle. This is the best way to learn the elements of coaching- hands on, play as you go experience.

Step three is to pass a written test.

It might sound like more than you expected, but we do this for a reason. We only want the coaches with the highest levels of commitment to work with our clients!

My real passion is to train and mentor coaches and I believe I have developed some insider secrets that can dramatically help anyone become successful in the field of RCT Coaching, Business Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy. In fact, these techniques can be applied to any service based business for successful and quick results. Coaching is perfect for teachers who want to empower students, parents who want the best for their kids, and business leaders who want to inspire their staff to become high achievers.

Today, coaches are being employed by some of the biggest organisations in the world to motivate and inspire their staff. Successful entrepreneurs also employ coaches because it gives them a competitive edge and allows them to achieve that next level of peak performance.

If it’s time for you to improve your life with Rapid Coaching Techniques, please come along to our next Coach Now training session!

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling – Your Future Now

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