What are NLP Rapid Consulting Techniques?

What are NLP Rapid Consulting Techniques?

Rapid Consulting Techniques are the third pillar of a trio of strategies called Rapid Change Technologies that I created to provide people who were looking to get into personal business coaching with tools they could use to help their clients achieve exceptional results.

I created Rapid Consulting Techniques after years and years of working with clients using NLP techniques and traditional coaching methodologies. I found that at the point clients became at cause, they needed the best strategies to be able to take their business or their lives to the next level.

What I started to study was how to be successful in all of those areas; Business, career, health, relationships, emotions, and spirituality. I collected strategies that were based on results. Real-time results!

Strategies Based on Results

From this experience, I was able to help businesses consistently double their turnover. I was able to help athletes increase their performance. It became an exciting process!

When clients are at cause, they’re going to take action, and they’re often going to overachieve on the targets that they set. For these high achievers to be able to take their performance to the next level, they need the best strategies.

This is how Rapid Consulting Techniques were born.

I looked at the entire coaching model, and I thought that consulting needed to be combined with coaching and NLP techniques.

There’s a time for emotional work, there’s a time where coaching is vitally important for empowerment and accountability, and there’s also a time when these techniques are going to frustrate a high achiever.

Three Systems In One

I get so excited about sharing the Rapid Change Technologies system because it really is three systems in one. With this system we’re not just looking at Root Cause Techniques or coaching techniques, we also have the best strategies to help a person achieve peak performance.

Our coaches are in such a lucky position because being trained in Rapid Change Technologies really separates them from other practitioners in the marketplace. It’s like working with three practitioners in one! Most importantly, it really helps their clients achieve the best results.

From the coach’s point of view, it enables them to work with a client on their journey longer, because the coach has the skills and resources to be able to support their client at whatever point of the journey they are on.

The Bigger Picture

If you look at industries like personal business coaching and personal training, any advice-giving discipline, that’s really what consulting is. That’s what separates our RCT model from anything else on the market. While some organisations charge tens of thousands of dollars to teach consulting, we have built Rapid Consulting Techniques into our coaching certification programs!

This gives our coaches the ability to see the bigger picture. They are able to identify when a client’s emotions are holding them back in business, or where someone’s life balance is out of alignment. This is a service that a traditional consultant can’t normally provide as their only focus is strategy.

Often we find in business that it isn’t the strategy that is holding the business back, it’s the emotions of the leader. You see, a business cannot outperform the psychology or skill level of the leader.

Areas of Life

There are three main areas of life; Working on yourself, working on your relationships, or working on your work.

Business consultants will help you work on your work, but often the answers aren’t in working on the work, they’re in working on yourself or your relationships!

This is where the RCT system is so unique and so powerful. By working on self with NLP Root Cause Techniques a coach can help their client improve themselves, which in turn improves their business.

On top of this, we also offer the Business Consulting, Relationship Consulting, and Health Consulting to help our coaches get incredible results in their chosen niche. Together it’s the perfect package because coaches are trained to mix and match. They will use the coaching system as the overall structure, then use their education in business consulting or NLP interventions to get breakthroughs with their clients that will see them break out to the next level in their business.

Benefits of Engaging a Rapid Change Technologies Practitioner

Historically people would have an NLP practitioner working on their emotions, a life coach working on goal setting, and a business consultant as well. By working with three practitioners at once, it’s easy for there to be mixed messages that leave clients completely confused with too many goals. Information also ends up being out of context as well! The business coach would be working on business, while the NLP coach might be working on emotional baggage on a different topic. If you can’t connect the two topics, there will certainly be a confusion of energy and frustration.

From a price point of view, clients save so much time and money because instead of paying for three practitioners that would provide a diluted outcome, clients can see one practitioner who has an arsenal of tools that can look at the emotions and limiting decisions that are causing someone to not follow through in their business! They can then neutralise the problem, get the client back to present time, and finally introduce consulting strategies to help gain massive results in business.

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