What are Swish Patterns?

What are Swish Patterns?

You’re hitting snooze on the alarm, again, knowing you will have to rush now, maybe get breakfast to go, skip breakfast altogether? Who cares, you just can’t manage to get up.

It’s been like this since you took a week off last month. Normally you’d get up as soon as your alarm starts off….and now it’s nothing but snooze.

If only there was a magic word you could say to get you back to your old habit of getting out of bed on the buzzer.

Then you remember there is a magic word. The word is Swish! You quickly run a swish pattern in your head, doing all the steps carefully and saying Swish eight times.
You get up on time every day after that and enjoy a stress-free breakfast. Thanks Swish!

This is not like tapping your heels together three times and wishing yourself back to Kansas, Swish Patterns are a proven technique used by the worlds most successful people, and they work.

What are Swish Patterns?

Swish patterns are one of the many mental performance enhancing tools available using the study of excellence and the brain. Almost 30 years ago the study of human excellence led to the mapping of the brain’s unconscious communication patterns, the way our thoughts form from birth to death that condition our thinking and impact our behaviour.

From this understanding of excellence a huge range of easy, quick and effective methods become available for everyday people to use. It’s called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With NLP we can quickly and easily transform our personal communication so that we perform with excellence.

Excellence might mean getting out of bed on time, going to the gym on the way home from work, walking around the block in your lunch break or creating a million dollar business. Basically, it’s for any situation where you want to perform better, but… just can’t quite get there on your own.

Swish patterns replace an old habit with a new one in less than ten minutes (usual times are about three minutes, total). You will reinforce the new habit every time you act on it so the results last for as long as you want them to. If you ever feel the effects of swish fading, you can just “Swish” a couple of times in a relaxed state and bring it back to full force.

Your old habits are gone immediately and the new pattern has been installed just by saying Swish (repeated while doing the activity).

Swish can get you seriously motivated to get into new patterns, perfect for when you are starting a new goal, as added support for those New Year’s resolutions or to start living a healthy, happy lifestyle.

When I used Swish I took my old habit of not going for a run when it was cold and raining (not a great habit since Sydney gets a lot of wet winter mornings; my fitness was suffering). I changed that habit to one where I loved running in winter conditions.

I simply pictured myself with a smile on my face running in a downpour. Your NLP practitioner can guide you through the step-by-step process of interchanging the black and white and colour images to get you focused and connected to your desired goal. In the case of running in winter, I just ran my own Swish pattern. When you learn Swish pattern technique in my Excellence Now course, you can run a Swish pattern for yourself any time you need one.

After doing Swish for cold weather running I would wake up listening for rain. I was so pumped to go running in bad weather that it was disappointing if it wasn’t raining. Thunder, hail, bring it on. To me, the worse it was, the more I enjoyed it.

My motivation for exercise dropped off again when spring rolled around and I had to do a new Swish to enjoy running on a nice day!

All change is a change in meaning

Change can occur in an instant! It’s just a small change in our thinking. In reality, there is no such thing as good weather or bad weather. We put these labels on our activities, which can cause really big problems if the negative labels deter our efforts or are demotivating.

Swish patterns attach a new label to an old idea. Transforming a ‘bad’ activity to a ‘good’ one, showing us how to enjoy anything in our lives.

You can use Swish on just about anything as long as you actually want to achieve results from the new activity and it is aligned with your personal values. Here are some examples where Swish can get you motivated:

• Completing your next project (from procrastinating)
• Eating slowly (from vacuuming your food without chewing)
• Eating healthy (from having a doughnut for lunch)
• Doing chores (from ignoring mowing, dishes, washing)
• Getting up in the morning (from hitting snooze)
• Sitting properly on your chair (from slouching)
• Saving money (from spending)
• Studying (from watching Netflix)
• Driving at the speed limit (from serial speeding offender)
• Getting to an event on time (from always running late)
• Cooking dinner from scratch (from frozen and take out only meals)
• Reading a book before bed (checking your phone and answering work emails at 10pm)

Use Swish Patterns To Transform Your Life

Just about anything you can think of, a Swish pattern change is possible, as long as there isn’t an emotional charge that is preventing you from taking action yourself. If that’s the case, there are other NLP techniques that can work on a deeper level to clear out old emotions that might be clouding your judgement. Swish pattern technique is best for curing that lazy feeling or I can’t be bothered or “it’s not nice”. Basically: it’s getting rid of negatively impacting habits and replacing them with positive ones.

If you’re a coach, Swish pattern technique is incredibly flexible and a very handy NLP approach to have in your toolkit to help your clients achieve excellence in their life.

It’s a great tool to add to your life experience toolbox. Register for our next Excellence Now course, get a lifetime resit on our classes and you will learn how to perform Swish as well as other incredibly quick and easy techniques to shift your mind to a state of excellence. In your class you will see Swish patterns in action as our trained staff demonstrate before letting you try it yourself with your classmates.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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