What are the 5 Steps To Rapid Change?

What are the 5 Steps To Rapid Change?

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If you have attended Live it Now or studied any of our other courses you would have heard us talk about commitment.

And what goes hand in hand with commitment? The 5 Steps To Rapid Change!

These steps are fundamental to everything we do in business, in relationships, in finances, in life! Because if you want to change something in your life, you actually have to change something in your life. We do this by following through on the 5 Steps!

So what are these 5 Steps to Rapid Change?

Step 1 – Commitment. Let go of the exit strategy and start living today!

Step 2 – Release. Let go of negative emotions, limiting decisions and sabotaging behaviours

Step 3 – Focus. What you focus on is what you get. So if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Step 4 – Surrounding Influences. If we are the average of the people in our environment, then who do we need to start hanging out with in order to lift our own standards?

Step 5 – Action. Knowing and doing are worlds apart. What actions do you need to take to make sure long term change occurs?

Six years ago I was made redundant from my six-figure corporate job, not knowing what I wanted to do next, but knowing that something had to change.

Once I discovered coaching, I got massively committed, and switched on my psychology to chase what I wanted.

I was working in Corporate for 18 years and whilst I loved what I did I also knew I wanted a change, but I didn’t know what it was I wanted to change to, so I kept staying where I was. I was then made redundant, and with the redundancy I suddenly realised I had two choices; 1) I could jump into the same old role that I’d been doing before even though I knew I wanted out, or 2) I could go and look for something different. But the truth was I had no idea what I wanted to do.

As part of my redundancy I was given some career coaching, and it was whilst I was doing this career coaching that life coaching was put out there. I thought ‘yeah ok, that sounds kind of interesting…’ so I decided to investigate it and took a week off work. On the Saturday night I went out with a friend, and while we were out we bumped into two brothers and started talking about what we all do in life. It turned out the brothers were actually well connected with Matt and Your Future Now and they said they would pass my details over to him. I thought to myself ‘There’s no such thing as a coincidence, this is an opportunity, this is what I’m meant to be doing!’ I decided to completely trust myself, trust what the universe was providing, and I cancelled all the other appointments I had booked for that week and enjoyed a well deserved week at the beach. I met Matt the following Friday and decided to sign up with Your Future Now and the Platinum Program.

I still continued working in corporate for a while, as my role was being transitioned out over an 18 month period. During this time I started doing the Platinum Program in my own time and I realised that I had found my passion! I loved what I did, I did it on fast forward, and I then approached Matt to come and work with him so I could be with the best of the best in the industry.

I went on and started living my life by applying the 5 Steps to Rapid Change (and I still do!) First I got committed to what it was I wanted to do – and that was to be the best coach I could be. I then worked with my coach, releasing all the limiting beliefs or sabotaging patterns I would normally play out. At the same time I focused very much on the end goal. I decided that the fastest way for me to do this and to be the best was to surround myself with people who were already doing this so I started working for Your Future Now. And lastly I took massive action!

Fast forward six years later and I am totally living my dream! Not only am I now the General Manager for Your Future Now, I am also the Head Coach for the company and train new coaches! And I do this all working only the hours I choose… What an incredibly rewarding journey!

There are so many good things about becoming a coach and teaching others to become coaches too. Being able to know that you’re on purpose and helping people achieve their dreams or step up in life is just absolutely incredibly rewarding. I don’t do it for them, they need to do it themselves, so what I do is guide them and show them different opportunities and options available and work with them to release anything that may have held them back in the past.

I love the flexibility of coaching and I get to choose the hours I want to work. It is so rewarding seeing budding coaches find their passion and being able to witness when the penny drops for them and they get that “Ah Ha” moment! To hear them share with the team the great success they are getting with their clients, that is what purpose and passion is about. Being able to help one person at a time just creates that ripple effect out.

So if you are thinking about becoming a coach I would say: ‘Back yourself. Do it! Honestly, if you have any doubts, just get out of your head and check in with your heart because at the end of the day it’s probably your head that’s throwing all the ‘but this, but that’ stuff up. If you really want to help people, do it.’

Our next Coach Now is coming up in March, it’s a five-day programme. We then send everyone away to go and practice everything that they have learnt, they come back six weeks later and we start a support forum where they login fortnightly and I support them and help them over any hurdles they may be experiencing. I’m really excited about the next Coach Now in Sydney, we have a big group coming in from all walks of life. For some people it’s the first course they’re going to be doing with Your Future Now so that’s really really exciting!

For me, it was a big year last year being promoted to General Manager of Your Future Now. I’m still finding my feet but I love the challenges and growth that it brings. And knowing that my commitment over the years and just showing up over and over again has paid off!

My next step is something I am really passionate and excited about! I’m launching our Enlightenment Now programme. This is going to be a combination of spiritual coaching, guest speakers, meditations, bush flower essences and knowledge I’ve gained over the past few decades. My biggest challenge is I have so much I want to share but it’s only a 90 day program!
This was my 7 Year Vision and it’s coming to fruition in five years so it’s pretty exciting!”

Bianca van Reit

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