What I’m Watching: Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru

What I’m Watching: Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru

The day it was released on Netflix I cleared my schedule to watch Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru, the documentary that follows Neuro Linguistic Programming pioneer Tony Robbins at his ‘Date With Destiny’ workshop in the US.

A few people wondered why I would be so eager to watch this, I’ve been completing NLP courses since I was twelve years old, and surely Tony Robbins is a rival? Right?


You see, we’re always the student. We can always learn and grow. And when we think we know everything and there’s nothing more to learn, we start sliding.

Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru

The documentary provides some fascinating insights into how Tony conducts interventions, his commitment to getting a breakthrough for the person he’s working with, and his absolute dedication to changing lives. Tony is obsessed with personal development, and his personal growth seminars are a reflection of that. He even mentions he is addicted to personal development.

If you are a Master Coach, or you aspire to be a Master Coach, then seeing breakthroughs happening live is such a powerful way of learning all the subtleties and nuances of an intervention. From developing greater sensory acuity through to listening for changes in tonality by both the presenter and the participant, there is always something to learn from watching a Master Practitioner at work.

You may have read some I’m Not Your Guru reviews that have people complaining that Robbins is a huckster who doesn’t give away any secrets in the documentary. Well, they are there if you know where to look! Anyone who has completed Excellence Now would be able to pick all the NLP techniques Robbins uses in a heartbeat.

Building A Team

I’ve said this many times before, to be successful in anything in life, you need a team behind you. Tony Robbins has an incredible team, with many of his crew having worked with him for more than ten years running events. You could see the level of care and attention the crew showed to the participants throughout the documentary, highlighting people they believed needed extra care and passing this information to Robbins so he could ensure the safety of everyone involved as well.

For those who have attended or crewed a Live it Now event, you would have noticed the same level of care and support in the room. Once you strip away the theatrics that a world-class film producer like Joe Berlinger can highlight in a production of this scale, you will now see that to help a participant achieve a breakthrough the ingredients are the same.

You have an incredible crew who create a safe environment for participants to be real. You let people ease themselves into the experience of a transformational weekend at their own pace so they get out as much as they put in. You build rapport with each participant, and get massively committed to helping the person in front of you achieve a breakthrough, even if it takes all night!

Robbins does this incredibly well at ‘Date With Destiny’, and all of the interventions shown throughout I’m Not Your Guru are well worth watching, rewinding, and watching again. As I say at all of our courses, it’s important to re-sit each course three times to create mastery. That’s why we have the lifetime re-sit policy! The same can be said for this documentary. Watch it three times to pick up all the subtleties on display.

Bootcamp For Coaches

Crewing at events such as Date With Destiny or Live it Now are a boot camp for coaches. There’s no faster way to improve your skills and practice NLP techniques than to be responsible for a group of people who are stuck and looking to change. You will need to live every presupposition of NLP, practice communicating with all the different personality types, and use all your rapport building skills to connect with everyone in the room. It’s a challenge! However, pressure creates diamonds, and it gives coaches a sparkle and confidence that is unshakable.

I loved seeing how Robbins had a crew of coaches who seamlessly integrated into the weekend, reaching out to participants and accepting them like family. Sure there would have been issues the film crew left out, however when you truly connect with someone and see the look on their face after they have let go of decades of emotional baggage, your own transformation will be huge too.

Who is Tony Robbins?

Throughout I’m Not Your Guru we were given some great insights into who Robbins is as a person and the level of care he has for people. He mentions that because of his troubled childhood with an abusive mother he can’t stand to see people in his pain, and his mission is to help every single person he meets in some way. Has passion really is his compass.

Robbins is 56 years old but looks like he’s in his early 40’s. He works long, long hours, often finishing presenting at midnight then debriefing with his team until 2am, ensuring everyone who is attending the event is being supported. When you’re doing what you love it isn’t work, and this couldn’t be truer for Robbins and his family. The work energizes him!

For insight, emotion, and the opportunity to learn more about interventions I give Tony Robbins – I’m Not Your Guru a 9/10!

I’ll keep you posted on the books I’ve been reading lately soon.

Kindest Regards,

Matt Catling

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