What is Rapid Change Technology?

What is Rapid Change Technology?

Change can happen rapidly, and by that, I mean instantly. As soon as you change your mind to find a new and superior path to your goal, your brain will instantly take it. It requires the right application of the right techniques to identify the fastest route to a goal and prove to your brain this is the super cause to take.

Rapid Change Technology (RCT) uses experience from working with tens of thousands of people who are working to achieve goals for all areas of life:

  • Business
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Health
  • Emotions
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality

What makes RCT work is the focus on follow through. While many other therapies and processes apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, RCT incorporates a range of disciplines. Understanding that every single person is unique gets far greater results because it allows you to reach your goal and rapidly achieve positive change no matter what stage of your personal development you are up to.

Some examples of different individual needs to achieve change can include:

  • Psychological work in order to break through barriers and challenges.
  • Coaching for staying focused, disciplined, and following through.
  • Strategies to improve lifestyle or business processes.

What is Rapid Change Technology?

There are three components of Rapid Change Technology:

  1. Root Cause Techniques

Root Cause Techniques are based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Our thoughts and actions run on internal neuro programs that are established from learned experiences. These can be powerful when they are set up correctly, but they can be limiting, distracting and hold us back when they are unintentionally set against us. A small child who is bitten by a dog for example may go on to have a fear of dogs their entire adult lives, believing all dogs to be dangerous. Without correction, a person can become stuck in the past where fear, hurt and stories replay on a loop, or stuck in the future, obsessing over scenarios that have yet to take place and becoming anxious about stopping future fear and hurt from occurring. Both these positions have the potential to keep a person stuck in a metaphorical jail. Root Cause Techniques simply unhook those learned behaviours that are not empowering, helpful or positive, moving us away from the past and out of the future and posting us in the moment of now. The present moment is where we have power, where we can make changes and see results. We cannot do any of these things in the past or future, those are unchangeable. Root cause changes the lessons in our programming to be ones that are supportive and useful. So for example revisiting the memory of the dog bite, the adult may realise they can see cues that a dog is frightened or agitated and step away from a dangerous situation easily. Now they do not need to live in fear of every dog, they see an ability to respond to a situation. They might even choose to be around dogs more, work with rescue dogs and own a dog themselves.

  1. Rapid Coaching Techniques

Once you stop living in the past or ring to predict the future, you become present to a vast quantity of opportunities in the now moment. This is where you begin to find clarity about your life journey and what you want to achieve. Now it is time for Rapid Coaching Techniques. A coach can help you define what it is you are aiming for through effective goal setting as well as help with overcoming obstacles (mental, emotional and logistical) that might otherwise slow or pause your progress. A coach is someone who sees outside your situation, which can be hazy, and point out the opportunities and pathways you have in front of you. It becomes much easier for you to make quick and accurate decisions on which path you want to take to get results quickly. The coaching element is designed to help you feel disciplined, confident and focussed. Goal setting, action planning and progress checks are not only motivating, but also education points to help continue your goal progress and personal growth.

  1. Rapid Consulting Techniques

There are incredibly successful people who are getting amazing results in certain areas of their life and business. We can replicate their results by replicating their action steps, mindset and belief systems. How they think and what they believe is possible gives them the ability to go after their goals and achieve amazing success.

By working backwards from their success to their mindset we can develop step-by-step strategies specific to improving the area of life you wish to enhance for yourself. This is known as Rapid Consulting Techniques. By modelling off the most successful people on the planet, we eliminate trial and error processes and jump straight to success, success that has already been proven via our role models. This might be someone local to your community or someone global, like Richard Branson. By honing in on a known goal and proven plan you achieve incredible momentum that dramatically accelerates your success.

Rapid Change Technology is fast becoming recognised as The Science of Follow Through. If you haven’t been able to achieve your goals in the past it’s because something in your neural programming has been holding you back, not because you haven’t got what it takes. You are smart enough. You are dedicated enough and you are worthy and capable of achieving what you want in life and achieving it rapidly. Let us show you how with Rapid Change Technologies.

From February 8-10 I’m running a free Breakout To Success challenge where I will be giving you real-life examples of RCT in action, and strategies you can use to breakout to success in your life – fast. Simply join the Facebook group to get all the details.

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