Great question!

Well to answer this, I would have to talk about my business THE TROUBLEMAKERS!

I started The Troublemakers because I asked myself a question:

When did I have the most fun in my life?

The answer was surprising, it was school!

More specifically, high school. I was terrible at school but I had an incredible bond with my classmates, we were TROUBLEMAKERS. I think we were more interested in terrorising our poor teachers than actually doing school work. We wanted to escape school life.

We were disruptive and challenged authority, we talked about breaking out of school and doing what we wanted. This behaviour led to me being expelled just before taking my HSC exams. My schoolmates ended up walking out in protest and thankfully I was allowed to do my HSC. One of the greatest days of my life was when they all walked out btw!

Together we had so much fun and the bond was incredibly strong! I’ve always been a TROUBLEMAKER, challenging authority, wanting to do things my own way and to create.

After school finished I remember hearing the famous Muhammad Ali quote:


I knew I had to keep living the life of a trouble maker and break out of societies ‘norms’!

Breaking out has also been a great skill in business, which lead me to a brain wave!! Entrepreneurs are TROUBLEMAKERS, they break the rules (legally) and find new ways to do things. They are DISRUPTIVE and have a loyal tribe that would have their back no matter the challenge. They escape the 9-5 mindset and do things their way.

I thought to myself, I want to re-create the fun I had in school. I want to build a community that is disruptive and has each other’s back. Hence, THE TROUBLEMAKERS was born.

THE BREAKOUT is like breaking out of school, with school being a metaphor for your job, your business or your life.

In business, I believe there are a number of BREAKOUTS you go through on the journey to success. The first one is breaking out of your job and doing your first $100k in business. The next one is going from$100k to the $1m BREAKOUT, then the $1m to $10m BREAKOUT and so on.

Each of these BREAKOUTS are tough! They are often preceded by a crisis and a psychological jump! Support is required but most people don’t get it, so they stay stuck! They end up comfortable being uncomfortable.

THE TROUBLEMAKERS and our BREAKOUT programs are designed to support leaders through this journey. Imagine having a group of TROUBLEMAKERS that think differently, are disruptive, and have your back. The most amazing thing is that our community and our social network are actually getting excited with these jumps and making these jumps fun! It’s become a badge of honour!

The business world is changing! I believe the key is community! A team that is rallying behind you, opening up their networks to support you and helping each other BREAKOUT and BREAK into LIFE!

If you’re a troublemaker check this out, we have a VIP event coming up soon! It’s for people who are ready to make The Great Escape and breakout of their job!

The Great Escape – Let’s Hatch An Escape Plan

I hope all the troublemakers out there enjoyed this.

Create a disruption to create an eruption!!

Matt Catling

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