Why Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Why Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Our brains have a fascinating amount of power. When you know how to use your thinking to your advantage, you can start creating internal programs of excellence. It’s really limitless, just what we can do and what we can achieve in a very short space of time.

Not everyone knows how to do this though. Training our mental pathways for excellence, understanding negative self-talk and the beliefs that limit our potential, this isn’t something that we are taught about in schools. It’s not something many parents know about to pass on to their kids, so it;s easy for us to get lost. We let our brains run us, we wander around life on auto-pilot which is why we can’t manage to reach our goals, which can be really miserable for some people.

So it’s up to us. It’s up to us to reach out and get that learning to find excellence and create happiness in our lives. And the happiness doesn’t start tomorrow. The happiness you tap into and the ability to let go of all the crap, starts right now. You can start living your life the moment you decide, yes, I want to live a successful, amazing, fun, powerful life.

The training you do, if you call it self development, it doesn’t matter what it’s called but learning to stop doing those negative patterns that are leading to unwanted results and switch to something you do what, anyone can do it. Anyone can do this training. So with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) the idea is, “If you can do it, so can I!”, all I need to do is copy what you did, and I’ll have the same success. It’s that simple. 

That’s what Excellence Now does. We show you how to reprogram your brain, to ask the right questions, to focus on the direction you want to go and not the reasons you aren’t getting there, and you will get there very, very quickly.

So here’s the really great thing. If you know how to do it, you can pass that knowledge on. You can help someone else get the success and happiness you have found. And the fastest and easiest way to do this is through coaching. 

Learning to be a coach gives you life skills you can use to empower your choices and meet your goals, and you have the ability to help other people get there too. 

How cool is that? Imagine if we all did this, how much better would the world be if we all have the knowledge and skill to shed those old, harmful lives and get back to who we really are supposed to be, and really live in the moment?

There are plenty of life coaching courses you can take, most of them are online, but I don’t have a lot of faith in those, especially because they don’t provide any free certification at the end. For me, I would do my coaching course in person every single time. There are some great in-person coaching programs and most will have an intro session, like my Live It Now weekend, where you can come and get an idea of what it’s all about before you make a commitment, and meet the people and have some fun as well.

One of the things that is really important about Live It Now as well as my Coach Now course is the connections you make. And the reason for that is: Life is relationships, and not just personal, but business relationships too. We can sometimes struggle to make those connections easily, especially if we are dragging a lot of baggage around, but it is essential for your success to build amazing relationships and build incredible connections with other people. 

It’s a big part of my weekend and my courses, to get you engaging with people in a way that is really genuine, building honest friendships that last for decades, which is why I think face-to-face training is really the only way to do this. 

What you get from that is a network or people who are aligned to help you and strengthen and encourage your journey. Everyone needs that. That’s where the saying you Network = your Net Worth, because you are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. So if you want great results, surround yourself with amazing people doing what you do and excelling. That’s going to give you the patterns of excellence you can then model yourself in your own life.

There are incredible benefits that come from choosing to go down the path of NLP training, with face-to-face in-person education and a room full of people you can depend on. Some of the most significant benefits are:


Life coaching is a great career move because you get to work for yourself, design your own work hours and set the boundaries for how you want to work.

So what’s the best way for you to go about it? Well you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Use the information and resources you have available to you to build the foundations and get a base so you’re not putting energy and time into things that have been done before. 

You can ask questions from the experienced coaches guiding your course about a whole range of things, from why one technique works better than another to overcoming certain obstacles to how to set up payments and invoices. They have done it all before you so being in a room with them gives you access to their knowdle to ask specific questions about your setup and your business so you can build your coaching brand quickly, on well-trodden ground.


While there are benefits to working online in your own time, there are also plenty of distractions, not just in your immediate environment (kids, dogs, noisy neighbours) but also in your head (check facebook, watch Netflix, what’s in the fridge, let’s make a coffee) any number of effective ways you have learned to dodge learning can slow down your progress or even stop you for finishing. 

When you commit to face-to-face training you get an allocated, focused time to complete your training and a set frame to work through the coaching practices. 

As well as that you get a dedicated space to work in with zero distractions. You will work through the course much faster and get a more immersive and hands-on experience that will leave you with a deeper and more ingrained understanding of how coaching works and what you need to do.  What that means is, your training will be done faster, and better, and you can get started on your business. On being a life coach.


Being part of an in-person class means you get demonstrations live, in front of you of how these practices work so you have the ability to get the entire experience, not some modified video that’s been edited. You see how it works in real time and get to practice on your co-trainees, giving you hands-on experience that makes learning instant. It’s also fun. You don’t sit there reading or watching a screen for hours, you are moving around, acting things out and getting to be both the coach and the participant over a wide range of scenarios.


We live in a world of perceived perfection. Social media, movies, reality TV…they all make it look like perfection is attainable, even normal. It’s not. It’s impossible to be successful if you don’t make mistakes along the way that point you in the right direction and allow you to ‘level up’. Being in a group of people who are all starting out at your level and training alongside you, you will see that their progress isn’t perfect, you will see people stumble, get confused and then light up with the ah-ha moment of, “Okay, I’ve made the connection now, I see how this works, let’s go!”

Witnessing that is so motivating. If you are studying on your own and you can’t get your head around something, you can get you trapped in a loop of blame, frustration or resentment that you are too stupid to do this, and you power down, your motivation slips. 

In a group where you can see that perfection is a myth, that learning is about getting in, getting messy and feeling your way through, it motivates you to keep going, even when you are in that foggy stage. 

Your group environment shows you that it’s okay to make mistakes and you can see that trying again, doing something different, or asking a different way can help get you there. That means you are more likely to finish, you are more likely to succeed because you are motivated and inspired and supported on that learning journey. Even when it seems like it’s over your head, everyone is in the same boat and stumbling with you, so you all push through together and guess what guys? You get there!

That’s why completing a course face to face makes you six times more likely to finish than if you are doing a course alone online


In our face-to-face coaching course you get to take a turn in both the coaching seat and the client seat during training to get a perspective for both sides of the situation and work with your classmates to fully understand the entire coaching experience.

When you spend almost a week learning and training with a group of people you come to trust them and build genuine rapport. That doesn’t end with training. It extends outside the classroom to build a network of people you can connect to, to ask about training examples, practice clients and clients in the future. 

You will also have a group that can hold you accountable as you move through the post training steps, to get your coaching clients and get certified. You can always meet up for your own study days, training days or hands-on practice days that will not only be professionally rewarding, but lots of fun.

They can also be the people to connect you not only to possible practice clients to complete your training but paid clients in the future.

We make it easy for you to stay in touch with our online community through facebook that allows you to connect, ask questions and get feedback from all our coaching graduates. If you need a practice buddy, there is no shortage of them here.


Working alongside other people gives you a room full of different perspectives, different values and different personality types. That’s a great environment for learning because you are exposed to something bigger than your own experiences and decisions. 

You can learn a faster or more effective way of doing something just from hearing the person beside you approach things differently, giving you instant access to a wealth of knowledge and understanding, not just from a coaching point of view, but also for having the skills to form bonds with all sorts of different people and be flexible about your own coaching style depending on the needs of your individual clients.

If you get stuck down the line you can always connect with one of your classmates and explain your challenge. A different point of view can change the whole meaning of the situation and bring new solutions.

As well as a group of like-minded, passionate individuals you also create a network of differences within a larger community. Being exposed to those differences gives you new approaches to old problems and opportunities to seek new and more effective ways to reach success. 


As you build your coaching business it helps to have a network as your sounding board. They can provide support and feedback as you progress with everything from choosing a business name to marketing ideas and client programs.

Your network will include people from all ranges of career and training backgrounds who can give you valuable and professional insights and suggestions on your business. All you have to do is ask.


One of the great things about coaching is there are thousands of niches for you to choose from. That means fellow coaches aren’t your competition, they are collaborators and can refer people to you who aren’t a great fit for their coaching set up. At the same time, you have a network of couches you can refer clients on to after they have completed your program, or they are unsuitable for your program for some reason. 

This creates value in that client’s mind, because you were still able to help them, in some way, so when they are referring their friends and family on to a coach, your name comes up.


When you make an important relationship connection, it can stay part of you for life. Not only are connections really easy to make when you know how to bypass your own BS (that’s Belief Systems BTW) but they are also worth holding onto.

There have been marriages, babies, and business partnerships born from the Live It Now weekend as well as lifelong friendships.

As well as maintaining the relationships and networks you create through these events, you can join our facebook community and connect with people Australia wide who have completed their training and are living their best lives.

Your Future Now delivers hands-on, face-to-face coaching training in Sydney to give you all benefits of training and growing with a team of supporting and genuine people.

Try Live It Now, our introductory weekend event to get your network (and net worth) started. All you need to do is show up and see your true potential, not just for business success, but connection and community. 

Boost your confidence and motivation to meet your goals, meet incredible people and see if Your Future Now has what it takes to be your coaching mentors and network builders.



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