Brad Rasmus: Fitness Professional and Coach (Case Study)

Brad Rasmus: Fitness Professional and Coach (Case Study)

Brad Rasmus has been a holistic health professional for over 20 years. Understanding that longevity in the fitness industry is accomplished through personal development, Brad enrolled in our coach training course Coach Now.

‘When I first started working in a gym 20 years ago, personal training was offered as a service that was just brand new and it was something different, people in Hollywood were doing it and it was a bit out there and all that.’

‘I was thinking alright, I’m going to give this a go, why not. I’m pretty good at building rapport with people, it’s something that I do naturally, even before learning NLP techniques, but now having NLP skills has added a whole new dimension to it. So by doing that over the past 20 years its lead me to have a very happy, successful business as a health professional.’

NLP Training For Excellence

By incorporating NLP techniques into his personal training, Brad has been able to achieve incredible results with his clients. Often we know what we need to do to be healthy; eat healthy foods and exercise. However, there can be behaviours or beliefs we have that sabotage our success. By learning how to identify these patterns Brad is able to be an example of excellence at work and at home.

‘My wife is doing Excellence Now with me. She was the one who found Live it Now online. She came back from that telling all of us we had to do this! So she came back with me and we did Live it Now together.’

‘It was perfect timing for me because for so many years I’d been saying I wanted to do an NLP certification to add to what I do with the health professional business, so we signed up to Excellence Now.’

‘My wife is participating in the next Live it Now as a participant, she gets so much out of going and learning about herself and being able to do this just for herself is great. She gives so much to everyone all the time, this is something she does just for herself.

Coaching Grows Confidence

Coaching and mentoring is currently one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. By adding this extra string to his bow, Brad has been able to build his confidence and learn skills to help his clients grow too.

‘The improvement in my confidence through the education that is on offer during Coach Now is impressive. There are other coach training courses out there, I bought a course online for a few thousand and never completed it, but there is nothing like this course. The face to face practice aspect really works.

‘I’ve just finished my first Coach Now practice client, with another four that I’m going through the paces with now.’

Work-Life Balance

For someone like Brad who is passionate about giving and serving, striking a happy work-life balance can be difficult. By adding coaching to his training, Brad will soon be able to reduce his hours in the gym and spend more time both working on his new travel business and with his young family.

‘In the first half of the week, I focus on my health business- coaching, personal training, rehabilitation type work, then I spend my remaining work time servicing the business representatives that join my travel business.’

We’re seeing new companies causing a disruption to established industries almost weekly. One example is Uber. Initially, they were met with some scepticism as they challenged the status quo, now they are causing the taxi industry to lift their game to compete.

Brad has encountered similar difficulties in his travel business but understands that how you communicate a message is the key to success.

‘When I look at my daughter with her friends, and her leading the way with a game they are playing, she has to lead those kids ‘Hey, let’s go do what I’m doing because this is really cool.’

‘From a business perspective, people have to know you, like you or trust you to want to get on board with you, whatever it is you are saying or selling or doing. So I guess when I started having a lot of success as a personal trainer 20 years ago the people knew me, liked me and trusted me and that’s what allowed me to start selling more and be successful with that.’

‘It’s taken me a while to realise how people can know you, like you and trust you, but I can see how leading by example is far more powerful than just telling people stuff. For example, when I started actually really applying the health things that I was learning to my family and myself then we started getting way more phone calls from family and friends who wanted to be my client.’

Follow Your Passion

By doing what he loves, Brad has discovered that work doesn’t actually feel like work at all! He’s been a leader in the health and fitness industry in Australia and has even had the opportunity to practice his craft overseas.

‘One piece of advice I would give people is to not just do things for the money. To have a bigger why. A bigger aspect to the business that they can apply each day that doesn’t make it feel like it’s actually work.’

‘I really love teaching health, and seeing people achieve massive physical and mental results. I like seeing people completely get out of their shell when it comes to my travel business. I guess a lot of the people I have attracted are people who haven’t had that much confidence in themselves to speak up about things they believe in.’

‘As a health professional, I took my work over to Japan for a couple of years, I was working with a lot of wealthy people. They basically spent their life chasing more wealth, to then come back to try to chase their health because they have become so sick.’

‘They worked too hard over and over again doing something they didn’t really enjoy. They earned lots of money but then they became sick and have a lot of health problems. So I say, do something you love as well so it’s not work and you don’t burn out!’

Lifestyle Coaching

By combining personal training, life coaching and travel, Brad has been able to create a unique formula for helping clients to train their body and their mind, and most importantly, to recharge their batteries!

You can learn more about Brad’s like as a CHEK Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Coach, and NLP Practitioner at

If it’s time for you to break out of your current life and break into a new industry, join us for a transformational week of learning at Coach Now.

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