How To Reconnect And Repair Relationships

How To Reconnect And Repair Relationships

It’s time to get back to normal, but that isn’t as easy as just jumping back into the old way of life.

For most of us, the pandemic and complete upheaval have changed our lifestyles in complex ways, and the world has accelerated…

  • The way we look at our health
  • The way we view friends and family
  • Who we ask for help
  • Even our trust and belief in our government has shifted

Many people have lost their circles of friends, been out of touch with work colleagues or isolated at home. Reconnecting is hard – well, I’ll correct that: Reconnecting is hard when you do it alone.

The other big thing to consider when it comes to getting back on our feet is a lot of people have not experienced this type of challenge before – and if they did, there was usually a pile of support from others, eager to get in touch and reconnect. That could be adjusting after a messy divorce, recovering from a serious illness, or going through a traumatic event. 

We close our doors and hide away for a while then, eventually, others coax us out or motivate us through their achievements to keep going.

This is a new situation. Everyone is ducking and hiding and uncertain how to restart.


When our brain is challenged by a new and uncharted event it stalls and freezes up. There are no known pathways or patterns for it to rely on to get you to a safe result. In the absence of a known safe result, everything comes back to us as risky, unsafe and painful. It’s not reality.

The reality is you don’t know yet. There is every chance the new experience will be rewarding and worthwhile – in which case your brain keeps the pathway and is motivated to go again.

That was awesome! Let’s do it again!


How to remove the barriers and build neural pathways for new events

Our Live It Now event will show you how we get trapped into patterns because of past experience – and how to remove mental barriers so you can focus on the future – before you get here though, here are some ways you can kickstart your neural pathways to take action

1. Make getting there easy

For a new event, work out how to get there, learn the route and how long it takes and feel familiar with your surroundings to take some of the unknowns off the table. Put your clothes out and decide what you want for breakfast the night before. Set your alarm and resist hitting snooze.

2. Give yourself an out – but only after a certain time

Promising yourself you can leave if it’s not working can help, but It can’t be before you’ve had a chance to see what it’s all about. Give yourself at least a quarter of the total event time to find your feet. Doing this will help override your instinct to give yourself an out too early – move it forward to a reasonable point to get you in the door and started.

3. Write out the benefits

We can be so convinced by the fear scenarios we forget to look at the benefits. Write a list of all the things you want to gain from going and how much it will mean to you when you achieve it.

4. Take a friend

Having a reliable friend with you can help make new events less scary. If they can’t attend the event with you, organise a catch-up after the event where you tell them all about it. Arranging this before the event will mean you have an incentive to go through with it, rather than phone up or show up and admit you didn’t have the guts to go through.

5. Find the right event 

You want an event that will be supportive, energising and offer a wide range of big results.

Live It Now is the perfect event to help get back to normal. You’ll meet amazing people and form lifelong friendships in a supportive and fun environment.

This impactful two-day event covers: 

  • Empowering mindset tools
  • Different personality types and learning styles for great communication with anyone, anywhere
  • Understanding motivation, and why we quit before we reach a goal
  • Leadership – what makes a leader really? The answer will surprise you
  • Setting incredible life goals
  • Taking working action steps to make any goal possible

Every year, thousands of people attend Live it Now and transform their lives. Challenge yourself to come along and see what this personal development weekend is all about. You’ll stretch out of that COVID comfort zone enough to gain some confidence and feel how great it is to be part of something bigger than your lounge room.

I love seeing the results that people go on to achieve after they let go of the past, and focus on their future. 

Here are just a few of the lives that have been changed:

Becky Shaw came to Live It Now completely unhappy. She’d just had a relationship break up and moved back home. Attending Live It Now gave her the shake-up she needed to change track and start her own business Enliven Coaching.

When Kerrie Wright came to Live it Now, she knew that something wasn’t right in her life. Through asking the right questions, she found out that her job wasn’t her passion, she switched to a job she loves helping people find their purpose and direction.

As well as boosting her business revenue Ellie Burscough found her training here helped her relationships and self-confidence, ‘I’m now able to see the world through different eyes. I have a much more positive outlook and I’m able to overcome obstacles that come my way, and let go of things so much quicker than I was able to before’.

‘Attending the Live it Now weekend was the beginning of my transformation. I have become a mum, a freedom & wellness consultant, and continued as a registered medical doctor’. Dr Eunice Mann. Read Eunice’s story here.

The only way to know what you will get back is to fight the feeling of the unknown and show up. As we say at Live it Now, 90% of success is just showing up!

You can learn more about the transformational Live it Now weekend here, or if you’re ready to commit to yourself and take action, just enter your details below.

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