Breakthrough Bootcamp Case Study: Sally Cleans The Windscreen Of Life

Breakthrough Bootcamp Case Study: Sally Cleans The Windscreen Of Life

With Breakthrough Bootcamp fast approaching, it’s always a nice time to sit back and reflect, and speak with past participants about their transformation. As a presenter, it’s also one of the best ways to grow through feedback. After having a lot of breakthroughs in my own life recently, I’m extremely excited about teaching new NLP techniques this weekend.

Sally Rust is a Platinum Package graduate who attended Breakthrough Bootcamp, and has experienced long-lasting results after wiping her slate clean.

‘Breakthrough Bootcamp was definitely a challenging experience, it was emotionally exhausting! In terms of learning the techniques and the safe environment that we were able to do it in, it was very supportive and professionally done.’

‘What really occurred for me was that all of the things that I was trying to control which were independent of myself, I realised I could not. I really could see that I was responsible only for myself and as a result I started laughing more, and owning some situations which I was previously playing victim to.

‘This meant that I sourced a lawyer to help me with my divorce proceedings, I took responsibility for my social life as I had become a recluse, and I found a group of people with similar health values and immersed myself in their culture and subsequently went on to complete in a body building competition. I began to attract people into my life that were great for me right then and there, and acknowledged that they were only the beginning of the journey to be happy within myself again.

‘The biggest lesson I took from Breakthrough Bootcamp was that I am an emotional person, despite feeling emotionless at the time, and that this is OK.’

Emotional Release

Throughout the Breakthrough Bootcamp weekend we will be practicing Emotional Release Techniques such as:

Quantum Change Technique: This is a highly effective technique for accessing unresolved issues and old core beliefs that are buried deep in the unconscious, and resolving and letting go of the emotion associated with it.

Life Values: Through this technique, we discover your life values and why they are important to you.  We uncover the beliefs that are attached to each of these, ensuring that they are congruent and aligned with the outcomes that serve you best.

Freedom Release Technique: This is one of the only associated emotional techniques that we teach.  Through this process we break through each emotional level, uncovering what is beneath it until we find the diamond within.  This is very effective for people who are disassociated from their emotions or have deeply buried emotions.

These techniques help participants to let go of that junk in the trunk by releasing anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Releasing anger at Breakthrough Bootcamp was something Sally didn’t expect, but was transformational for her life.

‘When I started the journey of life coaching and being involved in NLP, and going through a series of Platinum courses, I just knew that learning these additional techniques was just going to be something that was going to be exceptional for me.

‘I was a very challenging participant at the time! My body was not having it, it was reluctant, so it took us about 8 hours just to clear anger.

‘My emotions were definitely weighing me down but I didn’t see it that way at that time, so I would definitely say it cleared the mud off my windscreen!’

Breakthrough Intensive

During these 2 ½ days I will be teaching you these new techniques along with the only emotional associated technique we teach, and for the coaches who are participating, I will be teaching you the steps to do a Breakthrough Intensive with your clients.  PLUS you will get to experience these powerful interventions yourself, giving you a clean slate to finish the year with!

If you are ready to clear the mud off your windscreen, we’re running Breakthrough Bootcamp this weekend, from Friday evening 4th of November until Sunday 6th November. We have two spots remaining, so call us on 1800 552 168 to book in today.

The amazing price for this life changing 2 ½ day event is only $997!

You must have completed Excellence Now to qualify for this training.

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