Case Study: Becky Shaw – Enliven Coaching

Case Study: Becky Shaw – Enliven Coaching

Unhappy after coming out of a relationship and moving back home with her family, Becky Shaw knew something had to change. Becky enrolled in a personal development course in Sydney, learnt NLP techniques, and has gone on to launch Enliven Coaching on Sydney’s northern beaches.

‘I was so unhappy in my full-time job something just had to shift. I came out of a long-term relationship, moved back home with my family, and was feeling so depressed. I felt as though I just kept getting more and more unhappy. So I felt the fear – quit my full-time job, moved states with a friend to the northern beaches of Sydney and started from square one again!’

Filling a massive need in the health and fitness space, Enliven Coaching has been a 2015 & 2016 finalist in the Northern Beaches Business Awards. The women-only gym is such a hit, and the support from young females all across the beaches has been incredible. Becky has also been nominated two years in a row for the Northern Beaches Business Person of the Year awards.

Comfort Zone

Before making the leap, Becky attended a Live it Now weekend where she was able to ignite her passion. She then went on to complete the NLP course Excellence Now where she learnt techniques that would help her to overcome any fears or doubts.

‘Changing my career from a full-time hairdresser of nine years to follow my passion was very scary. I needed to get comfortable being uncomfortable – hairdressing was easy. I felt as though I could do that job with my eyes closed so following my passion and learning new skills was pretty scary. I soon discovered that as soon as I stepped out of my comfort zone it was even better than I imagined and nowhere near as scary as I made it out to be! I found I learnt so much quicker because it wasn’t a job, it was my passion.’

Goal Setting

Becky set herself a goal of what she wanted Enliven Coaching to look like, and who her perfect client was. Goal setting was and continues to be, a crucial aspect of Becky’s success.

‘I imagined an all-female gym with all the stuff I LOVE doing in one space. I’m all for a motivating and encouraging environment, and I really disliked the materialistic vibe some gyms have, so I imagined a gym that would be perfect for the way I like to train. I wanted a gym with a vibe that felt as though you have just been out clubbing (without the booze ????). That feeling of being hyped up, motivated, excited, and listening to great music gets me in the mood to train and jump around with my friends.

‘As I started to visualise my dream gym I wrote a billion ideas down; what it would look like, who attended my gym, what I did, everything was in that booklet. As the years have gone by I look back on these booklets with all of my ideas and funnily enough they have all come true.

‘I always visualize and write goals. I’m a bit of a goal digger freak of nature. I’d spend my weekends writing vision boards if I could haha.’

Enliven Coaching

Personal Development

Becky is a self-confessed personal development course junkie, who loves working on her own mindset to ensure that she is always leading by example, and being an inspiration to both her staff and clients.

‘I studied life coaching through Coach Now, neuro-linguistic programming at Excellence Now, and I have been to Live it Now more than once! I’m a junkie for self-development and building my coaching skills to help grow my business.

‘I can now say that running Enliven Coaching is my full-time job… Well technically not full time because I have created the freedom in life to work when I want. I have made EC GYM to fit my lifestyle, especially now I am a new mum to a 5 1/2-month-old! My family comes first so I made it flexible enough to fit my lifestyle.

‘I worked casually in three different jobs until I could fully transition into my business. I focused on building my business so I could leave my jobs. I used them as a safety net until I could be financially stable in my own business.’

Business Growth

Enliven Coaching started in a park and has grown to the point that Becky is now looking for a bigger space to move into to bring more of her goals to fruition.

‘My first business sale came in a park with a small group of girls who I can still call my very valuable clients today. These women have stuck by my side since day one and I call them my fossils. These women were my first very own clients to Enliven Coaching.

‘It’s definitely time to get into a bigger gym space and have more unique classes – I can’t give too much away as we are always working on new exciting things behind the scenes with my team. We have to keep you all guessing what’s coming up next haha ????

‘Enliven Coaching has the most unique range of classes every month, from women’s only dance to self-defence classes, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, functional weights, MMA inspired workouts, functional core, yoga and boxing classes. These classes are taught by professionals in their field and we pride ourselves on the level of our coaches. Whether you want to dance like Beyonce or be the next Ronda Rousey our classes have it all to keep you inspired!’

Haters Gonna Hate

Becky knew what she wanted from her gym. She had her vision, and she was so committed to achieving that vision that even when others believed she couldn’t be successful in the highly competitive gym space, she stayed committed.

‘I created EC GYM for women to be completely unique on the Northern Beaches Sydney. Gone are the days of rolling eyeballs, stare downs for gym equipment and the creepy old man watching you squat in the corner of the room. This is JUST FOR WOMEN created by women. Here at Enliven Coaching, we don’t believe in pain without pleasure!! Our gym has been created to inspire and to motivate the living daylights out of you, from the gorgeous friendly coaches to the bright coloured girly equipment to the motivated soul sisters you will meet and right down to the night club beats played in every class.

‘Trust your vision no matter how crazy it is. Own it!! If someone has something negative and shit to say about your ideas tell them to beat it. So many times I had people laugh at my vision and say I wouldn’t make it in the big world of gyms, and look at me now.

While they are still dwindling in their Negative Nelly attitudes I’m developing my next business idea for EC. So ignore the haters – ‘haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potato’ meaning you just do you and ignore them.’

As we say at Live it Now, passion is your compass, money follows passion!

To learn more about Becky’s journey and to check out all the amazing programs she has to offer, please visit

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