Case Study: Leanne Allen – Psychologist & NLP Practitioner

Case Study: Leanne Allen – Psychologist & NLP Practitioner

Leanne Allen is a Registered Psychologist who uses NLP techniques when working with her clients at Reconnect Psychology. Since becoming an NLP Practitioner, Leanne has been able to integrate NLP processes into her practice to help people achieve incredible results.

‘I’ve been a registered psychologist now for about seven years and I’ve integrated some coaching principles into my work, using NLP techniques as well. One of the techniques that I really love using with my clients is Time Line Therapy ™. I find it has been really helpful for people to release limiting beliefs and let go of emotions, especially anger.

‘The clients often think that it’s a bit too easy sometimes or they look at me like I’m a bit crazy. But, when they come back a couple of weeks later and I ask, “how have you been going with that problem?” They say, “oh you know, I just don’t even think about it.” And, I think, ah ha. It worked!’

Psychology and NLP Techniques

By integrating traditional Psychology therapies with NLP techniques from her NLP toolbox, Leanne is able to help people create and move towards their goals quickly.

‘Sometimes you do have to work on the trauma, of course. But I focus on the positive, teaching people to see what they do have rather than what they perceive they don’t have”

‘I do like to really give people something to look forward to rather than always just focusing on the past because we don’t like people to be stuck in the past, and sometimes that is what can happen.

‘I work with clients on goal setting a lot. In the past I didn’t really set clear goals. I just had this kind of vague idea of what the client’s wanted , but since doing NLP courses, now I talk to people about goals in a very specific way which is really helpful.’

Life Coaching For Goal Setting

When we set goals, we are able to create tangible steps to help us achieve those goals. These are landmarks we can use to monitor our progress on the journey. The greatest business leaders and entrepreneurs of our time all talk of the importance of starting out with a goal.

‘Getting people to get specific about their goals has been very helpful for a lot of different people that I’ve worked with.

‘I was working with a client who had a lot of family traumas in his life. He was pretty much like a little boy when I first met him, and he knew it, which was why he was coming in to see me. It’s probably been about six months or so that we’ve been working together and now he has reached his goal of starting his own business and it’s already going really well.

‘He’s now thinking outside of the square. He’s thinking big picture. Just seeing his eyes light up and seeing the changes in him and seeing him transform from being a child to a man has been amazing.’

Neuro Linguistic Programming Training Sydney

If you have completed Excellence Now and are ready to take your Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques up a notch, we have the perfect event coming up for you soon.

Breakthrough Bootcamp is three days of complete RELEASE. Three whole days of letting go of what used to be.

Recently we introduced a series of Excellence Now follow up evenings where graduates can check in, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of the NLP techniques introduced at Excellence Now. These follow-up sessions also help NLP practitioners to gain confidence heading into the Breakthrough Bootcamp course.

The feeling on the other side of this workshop is AMAZING.

Bye bye Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, and Guilt.

In a specialised team allowing only twenty participants, Freedom Release Techniques are engaged around multiple psychological regions. Other techniques also pinpoint and annihilate limiting decisions that sabotage your way to success.

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