Case Study: Health Coach Kat Millar Busts Through Body Image Challenges

Case Study: Health Coach Kat Millar Busts Through Body Image Challenges

After saying goodbye to the corporate world over a decade ago, Kat Millar now enjoys life as a coach and speaker, helping people to transform their health. Whether her clients want to lose weight, get fitter, become stronger, or work on their mindset, Kat has the tools to assist them with their transformation.

Kat has many strings to her bow; she runs events, presents from the stage, and runs seminars for women as well as offering online nutrition and training programs and coaching. It’s safe to say that Kat has dedicated her life to being the best version of herself, and inspires people across the globe to do the same!

Overcoming Personal Challenges

Having been on her own personal development journey and worked with many life coaches, Kat understood early that to stand out from the crowd, she needed to offer something different. She has achieved this by combing personal training, health coaching and NLP techniques to form a killer 1-2 punch.

“I mostly work with people who have tried a lot of other things. They have tried a lot of diets and tried a lot of exercise programs and haven’t really got the result they wanted. Most of my clients want to figure out what’s in the way of them and the results they want, so I use coaching and NLP techniques to help them unblock anything that is holding them back.

Finding Your Passion

At Live it Now, we talk about finding your passion. We say ‘your passion is your compass, money follows passion!’ After battling her own challenges, Kat found she had a passion for helping women overcome their mental and physical challenges so they could live the life they had always wanted.

“I’ve struggled with my own body image and I’ve really been quite extreme throughout my life, like either really extreme training and dieting or bingeing and drinking, so I wanted to find balance myself. When I started to work on myself and get the results that I wanted, I really wanted to help other people get happy and free in themselves and who they are”

Overcoming Fear

In Entrepreneur Now, we spend quite a lot of time looking at the sales process, and working through those doubts and fears that can come up when we have to sell our products or services. When you overcome the voice in your head that says ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘this person is judging me’ you speak to people from a place of peace. You are able to identify their need, then help them to solve their problem.

“I first got trained in sales through a gym and they taught us scripts. I remember being scared I would stuff it up, I thought my first client was going to ask “How many clients have you got?” … I had none! My strategy was saying”if you sign up for six weeks, I’ll give you a free training diary”

“When she said “yep”, without objection I was so surprised! After that I went straight out onto the gym floor and just kept talking to people with that same energy and confidence and started attracting more people. I just had to get that first paid client and I was off. That was 13 years ago and I’ve worked with thousands of people since”

Finding Your Sales System

When you get your first sale, you gain confidence. You find the belief that will help you to serve more people. Since leaving her corporate job behind, this is something Kat has lived on a daily basis.

“I have always wanted to have my own business. Since I left my corporate job thirteen years ago and started my business, I have no desire to turn back!”

“As my clients started to get results, I found it a lot easier to get more clients. I found it really hard at first, but the more I did it, the more I got more confident in myself and the value I was offering.

When I moved to London, I had to walk the floor of the gym to build my business and try and find clients. I took the approach of just chatting to people and encouraging and helping them.  Then I would say “hey, if you need any help, I’m here” and I’d build relationships with people.

That approach worked a lot better than some strategies I’d seen personal trainers taking. People love to buy but they don’t want to be sold. I showed the value and people got results.

‘When I started doing the Platinum Package courses I learned the 5-Step Sales Process as well as other strategies that have been incredible for my coaching business.’

Remember, life is about relationships. When you create a relationship with someone, trust develops. Just like you wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, you don’t ask a client for a sale as they’re walking through the front door!

Overcoming Business Challenges

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that business can be isolating. You’re suddenly removed from the normal work environment where it’s normal to just do an ok job and still get paid. You also lose what I call the heroin injection of a fortnightly or weekly pay packet hitting your bank account.

It’s so crucial for anyone starting a business to be receiving coaching, and to have a mastermind group that they can turn to for support, and use to be held to a higher standard. Like everyone, Kat had to overcome these challenges in her business.

“Initially I struggled with that constant not knowing where the money is coming from. So, I lived with that stress for a long time, it was just kind of like a low-level stress that I got used to. There were the ups and downs of having a lot of money coming in one week and then being broke the next. It wasn’t consistent.

Also just being by myself a lot; working by myself at home and at cafes is fun but we need others, so it’s been important for me to build networks with mastermind groups. Having the Platinum Package has really helped so much with that.

Business Advice

I always like to finish these interviews by asking what one piece of advice someone would give to a friend who is launching a business. I get to learn a lot from this question! So Kat, take it away…

“I would say to start with finding needs and meeting them and learning how to sell properly first, exactly like you say in all the trainings. Don’t worry about all the other things that you could get distracted on, just go and help people, go out there and meet your target market as soon as you can! Find out what they want and then create solutions to their problems through your products and services.

“One more quick piece of advice I would offer, is that you need to get help – ideally you need to get into an ongoing program such as a business course, a coaching program or have a coach; you need help. Paying for guidance and support is key.”

Kat is an absolute master at health and body transformation, coaching and NLP. I highly recommend you book a consultation with her by visiting

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