Coaches Story: Change Your Career, Change Your Life

Coaches Story: Change Your Career, Change Your Life

Often when people come to Live it Now they have no direction, no motivation, and no idea what they want to do with their life. They’re spending over a third of their day doing something they hate! So many people know what they don’t want, so it’s incredibly rewarding to be able to help people figure out what they do want.

Once you have worked out what you want for your life, finding the commitment to chase those goals is the most important step. When I think of commitment, one name that comes to mind is Kerrie Wright.

Coming from Burnie in Tasmania, Kerrie and her lovely partner Scott have shown massive commitment to living a life of purpose and passion as they regularly travel to Sydney or Melbourne to attend training sessions and volunteer their time as crew at Live it Now events. That’s commitment!

Becoming A Life Coach

When Kerrie came to Live it Now, she knew that something wasn’t right in her life. Through further investment in the most important asset she has, herself, she was able to figure out that her job wasn’t her passion. At Coach Now, everything came together…

‘I did not know what to expect going into Coach Now! I had already completed Excellence Now at this stage and got so much value out of it that I decided to keep going. Excellence Now helped me identify my true passion in life and that my regular job wasn’t in line with my passion. I was ready for something new.’

‘The Coach Now training was at a very high and quality level. Before attending I did not know there was such a thing as a life coach! After learning valuable life lessons throughout the training I realised how motivating life coaching is.

Discover Your Passion

We have a saying at Live it Now; Your passion is your compass, money follows passion! The thing is, when you are following your passion, work doesn’t even feel like work! If you would happily get up each morning and do what you’re doing for free, then you have found your passion.

‘I am so passionate about teaching others about my learnings. I was so impressed with Coach Now, I want to tell the whole world about coaching. The most rewarding thing I find with life coaching is when I can help others have a light bulb moment, and you can see the shift in their attitude and awareness.’

‘My favourite coaching session is when we help a client to uncover their true passion. It brings it so close to home and makes it real. It really helps people to find the right direction for their life.’

Setting And Achieving Goals

Since uncovering her passion, setting goals, and focussing on what she wants out of life Kerrie has been able to help her clients achieve incredible results, and has continued to improve herself through further study.

‘I am currently undertaking a Certificate IV in Weight Management which will help me specialise in health coaching, and I also love working on emotions and want to share my emotional successes with clients to help them overcome negative emotions.’

‘One of the best things about being a life coach is at the end of a session when someone says to me ‘I haven’t thought of things like this before and it has helped me look at things differently’ or ‘I’m excited to have the actions and milestones written down for me to follow’. This inspires me to reach my goal of working with 50 clients over the next 12 months so I can let go of my day job!’

Kerrie is on the path to becoming a hugely successful life coach, and will most likely be leaving her day job within 12 months through her commitment to following her passion. If it’s time for you to leave behind a job you hate and gain freedom in life through becoming a coach, register today for our Coach Now programme.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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