Commitment Is Judged On Action

Commitment Is Judged On Action

It’s easy to say we’re committed. Committed to our health, committed to our relationship, committed to our business. But how committed are we really?

See, we judge commitment by actions, not words.

After attending Live it Now in March 2015, Jarrod Partridge signed up to our Platinum Package and turned his life around. He re-ignited his marriage, started a business taking cycling tours to Bali, another business providing media and content services, and most importantly, let go of negative beliefs that had been holding him back for years.

He got committed to working on himself, which built the momentum to work on his relationship and businesses.

In November Jarrod attended Influence Now with a broken back. That sounds committed…

“Last November, on a slightly damp Saturday afternoon in Melbourne, I was riding home with my wife to pack my bags to head to Sydney for Influence Now. I was psyched for a huge week!

As we went through a major intersection, I saw the tram tracks on my left, and thought I would need to cross them at more of a right angle.

Before I could react, I’d arrived at the scene of the accident. At 40km/h.

A few people ran over to help, I dusted myself off, and started taking inventory. Nothing was broken, so I could get off the road ok. Winning!

I took my bike to my bike shop (conveniently right on the intersection) and the store manager, a former paramedic, put me back together and sent me off to Emergency to get some cuts cleaned up and for some head checks since I’d busted my helmet.

The next morning, in a lot of pain, I got on the plane to Sydney, ready to go. The Sunday was spent in my room resting the injury, I figured it would be better by Monday.

It wasn’t.

After the alarm went off, I spent an hour trying to get out of bed. Stand up – collapse. Stand up – collapse. Stand up – hold onto the bench long enough to swallow Panadeine Forte – collapse.

But, I did it. I committed to every step of the process. Committed to staying standing. Committed to showering. Committed to eating. Committed to walking to class. It was excruciating, but I wanted it.

I’m an optimistic chap, so I figured it would be better by Tuesday.

It wasn’t.

Tuesday morning I woke up and went through the process again, this time in tears. Every movement was agonising. But, I committed, got up, made an appointment with the doctor to get more Panadeine, and got to class.

During the lunch break on Wednesday I went for x-rays, and discovered that I had a fractured L5 vertebrae and a bulging disc. Nice to know I wasn’t being a wimp!

The whole saga got me thinking. Firstly, if I could commit to getting to class with a fractured vertebrae, what else could I endure to get to where I want to go? Secondly, where in my life am I saying I’m committed, but not actually committed to taking action?

Now, whenever my unconscious mind wants to take the path of least resistance I stop and ask myself, ‘is this situation worse than trying to function with a broken back?’

If the answer is no, I know it’s time to get to work.

So next time you want to sit down and watch TV or go for coffee rather than work on achieving your goals, I’d challenge you to ask yourself, are you really committed?”

If you’re ready to take action, gain clarity, and find your commitment, then join us for our 2 1/2 day live event, Live it Now!

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