Case Study: Eunice Man – Mum, Doctor, Wellness Consultant

Case Study: Eunice Man – Mum, Doctor, Wellness Consultant

I would like to share with you the story of one of our Platinum Package students who has been achieving incredible results in the fields of women’s health and empowerment.

After spending more than a decade treating patients who were feeling lost and uncertain, struggling with bad habits around weight, stress, and tension, Dr Eunice Man decided to learn Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to help empower women with cutting edge information in all three pillars of health; Nutrition, Physical & Emotions.

‘I specialise in women’s health and mindset training. I have been a medical doctor for over a decade. I trained to be a doctor in the UK before coming to Australia in 2010. Apart from playing with my awesome baby boy and practising medicine, I run programs that I have designed around my three passions; Nutritional, Emotional & Physical health.

‘Attending the Live it Now weekend was the beginning of my transformation. As I have progressed through the Platinum Package, I have become a mum, a freedom & wellness consultant, and continued as a registered medical doctor. My programs help women redefine their self-image and improve the quality of the time they spend with themselves and their families.’

Making The Breakout

With a lifelong passion for helping people, Eunice knew she could help more people and solve more problems by establishing a community of people to participate in group initiatives working on mindset and overall wellness, with a focus on programs that go beyond just medication.

‘Throughout my medical career, I have had patients coming into my office feeling as if they have exhausted all avenues. Whether it was difficulty with weight management, stress at work, relationship problems, controlling diabetes, or high blood pressure, by the time they came to me they often had an expectation that the only option left for them was medication. This inspired me to look beyond medication to improve my patients’ outcome. Medication is not the only solution.

‘Having completed Excellence Now, Coach Now, Entrepreneur Now and The Breakout, I found my self-belief, and decided that I had to break out of being a self-employed doctor doing one on one consultations. There were only so many hours I could work in a day, and only so many clients I could help in a one on one consultation. Ultimately, I became a doctor because I wanted to help people and solve problems. Now I know that I can make a massive difference by running group programs, giving people options to access the right information online, from anywhere in the world.

‘The outcomes for my clients have been incredible! I have clients coming off antidepressants successfully. Their relationship with themselves, their families, work colleagues and money has improved noticeably. I am able to help them break lifelong habits such as emotional eating or smoking using NLP techniques.’

Holding Onto A Vision To Face Fear

Eunice had spent a large amount of her life held back by fear, especially a fear of the things she wanted most. Through coaching and mentoring, Eunice was able to overcome the limiting beliefs she had carried about herself, and transform into a leader in her community.

‘For years I was held back by my fears. Everyone else saw what I was capable of, but I couldn’t see it in myself. Learning Neuro Linguistic Programming allowed me to break through my self-doubt and limiting beliefs. I have learnt to see fears as signposts to my desires. What I fear most is exactly what I want most! For example, I was scared of not being a good enough mother, doctor, or leader. I have learnt to truly embrace and appreciate fears, and completely accept myself.
‘Now I encourage my clients to hold onto their vision and focus on it no matter what happens along the way.

‘Always move towards your vision and consider any challenges and distractions that come up as learning experiences. They are there to support you towards your goal!

‘I’m always actively working on my own goals, one of which is to launch a comprehensive women’s health clinic in Sydney in 2018.’

Business Growth

Intent on empowering as many women as possible to live a healthy life, overcome challenges, and reach their goals, Eunice is now expanding her programmes to work with other leaders in her community.

‘Applying over a decade of experience from my medical background, and combining my knowledge in Neuro Linguistic Programming and coaching techniques, I have designed a unique and outcome-driven program that helps build a strong foundation for success. I believe your mindset forms your reality.

‘My next project is partnering with Jodie and her team from Fernwood Fitness Hornsby. Together we are building a community where women can strengthen their bodies and their minds, helping their members build positive new habits they will keep for a lifetime.’

To learn more about Eunice’s journey and to check out all the programs she has to offer, please visit

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