How Does NLP Work?

How Does NLP Work?

Anyone can learn the scientific process of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and use it to create pathways for excellence in their life, no matter what they want to achieve.

We use NLP naturally to learn everything we do, from a baby learning sounds and transforming them into words, a child learning to climb play equipment or fold origami, we build processes internally about ourselves and the external world that affect our ability to learn and take action. 

How our beliefs form when we are young stays with us into our adult lives and determines our resilience, trust in others, learning patterns and how we respond to everyday emotions as well as times we are thrown into chaos.

When we study NLP techniques we take charge of our internal patterns to effectively learn which processes we want to get rid of (because they are causing negative cycles) and which ones we want to keep or learn. 

You may have found a negative pattern in your life that you want to change, but don’t know how. Maybe it’s around eating a certain food that is linked to an emotion. Or maybe it’s about relationships. Often we can find ourselves in the exact same relationship as last time, even though it’s with a completely different person. If so, there is a process you have created that you are diverting to naturally that determines what type of person you are attracted to, how you communicate with them, and how it all goes wrong. Until you find this internal pattern and break it, you are likely to keep seeing the same bad relationships play out over and over again.

When we take charge and make these choices it cuts out trial by error and false patterns of satisfaction (i.e., eating a slice of cake when we want to lose weight). Even though there are so many unwanted consequences of eating the cake which are not helpful, possibly even damaging to our self-esteem, health and weight loss goals, something internally told us we’d be happier with life, or maybe that life will be easier if we eat the cake.

Knowing NLP techniques gives us more options and cuts ties with old and unhelpful patterns that are holding us back from success and choose options that bring us happiness.

How does NLP Work?

NLP gets results by aligning the two parts of the mind to work together. We have conscious thoughts that we knowingly engage to make a choice, but below this is a much deeper and stronger process in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind works on our essential needs to keep us safe, make life interesting and this holds all our learned behaviours, memories and dreams.

It’s very easy for these two processes to be at war. Your subconscious mind might resist a plan you have created in your conscious mind because it directly clashes with your values, predeveloped beliefs about yourself and the world, or considered too dangerous.

If so you won’t be able to reach your goals in:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Career success
  • Happy relationships
  • Emotional well being

NLP works to get your subconscious mind on board and working to reach your conscious goals. 

NLP operates on the same level as the subconscious, using symbolism, physiology, abstract form and preferred internal communication to get a clear message across that your desired result matches your deepest needs, values and established beliefs.

It can be applied to absolutely any goal or conscious desire you create, and can even combat times when the two minds refuse to cooperate. 

If you think about a fear or phobia, that fear, however irrational, is designed to keep us safe from an event our subconscious believes is life-threatening. We can disengage our fear by proving to the subconscious mind that the situation can turn out successfully. This process can take less than 15 minutes and last for life.

All this happens very peacefully, rather than a battle, NLP works on understanding and reconciliation between the two minds to get your whole thinking on the same page.

And just so you know, in an all-out battle of minds, your subconscious will win every time. Your subconscious mind is 90% stronger than your conscious mind. Your conscious thinking is no match for your natural inbuilt security system. Creating a plan for a better you or a better lifestyle only to have it thwarted time and time again can lead to a lack of self-confidence and giving up on your goals. 

Having these two minds working in unison gives you incredible confidence and empowers you swiftly target and achieve your goals.

We make decisions every minute of the day. We don’t just decide what to wear, what to eat and how to style our hair, we also choose what to feel and how to think. If our boss sends an email with an urgent meeting request, you decide how you will respond. Your internal neural responses fire up and send signals and retrieve memories that determine your beliefs, emotions and actions. Let’s say the same urgent meeting request gets sent to five employees.

Thanks to that strong subconscious mind, some will react with anxiety/fear that they have done something wrong and will be reprimanded (even if they are exemplary employees) some will feel a sense of dread that the company is axing a division and jobs will be cut. Some will feel nothing. They will simply rearrange their work schedule and prioritise their workload to make space for the new meeting. Some may feel smug that they are going to be promoted or congratulated for something.

All these emotions and beliefs have occurred without any information being shared. There are physical reactions too, rapid heart rate, sweating, shallow breathing and tension. There is no understanding of what the meeting is or what will be the result, yet our brains have propelled into the future to make choices on our behalf.

When we study NLP we can switch off these unhelpful and false patterns and move to be that calm person who doesn’t jump to conclusions or forecast the future. You are no longer the person who reacts to fear over situations that are yet to unfold. You are calm, confident and simply wait to see what happens next.

Running fear, anxiety or replaying events in our memories where terrible things happened doesn’t assist us, just the opposite because we are less able to respond, listen and communicate.

NLP puts you in the power seat.

NLP works simply by becoming aware of negative and destructive patterns and choosing positive, helpful and empowering actions and beliefs instead. We can find empowering choices by looking at people who are already achieving the results in the area we want to see excellence and mimicking their behaviour patterns, thoughts and beliefs. For example to lose weight you might need to think that you are worthy of being slender and beautiful, that you have an abundance of love, nurture and sustenance and that you feel significant choosing healthy foods and smaller portions along with a healthy eating plan.

Using NLP tools for success to break restricting habits and beliefs and aligning ourselves with professional coaches who know how to ask questions that uncover the patterns that are holding us back.

As someone who has been living and studying NLP for over 30 years, I can tell you the best and fastest results come when you combine all three of these options. My Rapid Change Technologies (RCT) is NLP on steroids. You will see positive, rapid and exceptional change and exceed your goals in months, not years.

You can tap into incredible change and take the power seat in your life to get to exactly where you want to be with our NLP course in Sydney – Excellence Now.


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