Case Study: How To Become A Coach And Get Incredible Results In 6 Months

Case Study: How To Become A Coach And Get Incredible Results In 6 Months

When Brandon Mario Wescott attended Coach Now in August of 2016, he knew he wanted to serve and make a difference, but he didn’t have the tools to do it. Brandon has such an infectious personality and a positivity he brings to every interaction, that everyone he meets walks away feeling limitless. All he needed were the tools to help people go from uplifted to achieving incredible results.

Coach Now has been set up to give every aspiring coach everything they need to help their clients experience breakthroughs in every area of life, and at the same time, give the practitioner the breakthroughs they need through real-life demonstrations and practice in the classroom. At the end of the five days of training, participants leave with first-hand knowledge and experience of how every step of the coaching process works!

‘The biggest breakthrough I had at Coach Now was more a realisation. By learning the processes that I had seen successful coaches using, I developed the belief in myself that I could become a successful coach too.  By applying the proven system on myself as well as people within the course through demonstrations, it made it easy for me to take action in my business as I know the techniques we learn work, and that they get results.’

Coaching Courses For Beginners

Many people come to Live it Now with no idea about what they want to do with the rest of their lives. They know they don’t want to spend their life going to an office to pay bills, however, they often can’t see any alternatives. For these people, coaching is the perfect profession. By becoming a life coach, you meet so many people from so many walks of life, and as you help them, you uncover your passion. From there, there is no limit to what you can do!

Brandon has a passion for business, a passion he has had since childhood. By understanding that coaches are leaders, he was able to learn the tools he needed to lead.

‘At first, I didn’t want to become a coach, I had enough business ideas on my mind already. But after I realised that every successful CEO, business owner, father, or anything that involves helping people become the best version of themselves uses the tools that a coach uses, I realised how important this skill would be.

‘When I quit my job in May 2016 to start my company I had this vision of starting 12 businesses in 12 months and writing a book about it.  What’s interesting is I found my niche in helping people quit their job confidently and create the freedom in life they crave through business and lifestyle design, very quickly I had 12+ clients.  So you could say the book is being brewed as we speak.

‘I had also believed that I had to be super successful by society’s definition of success to be a coach. Once I realised I’ve actually been a coach my whole career, as I had a natural desire to help people, the desire and commitment was there.’

Start Coaching

As more and more people get in touch with their spiritual side and discover their passion, we’re finding that there just aren’t enough well-trained, qualified coaches out there to help people achieve their goals! We designed Coach Now so that aspiring coaches can go through an intensive training process, then come out on the other side with a built-in business system ready to be launched immediately.

‘Matt is always talking about creating a sales mess and paying someone to clean it up.  And boy have I created a mess with this business!! I’ve always grown businesses by the power of word of mouth and social media, which is a great way as I believe the purpose of online is to just get people offline, you know, where real life is at?

‘Matt also says the best public speakers are coaches, as they understand the market.  Because of Coach Now and its turnkey solution to help enable clients, I was not only able to build my client base to 14 really quickly, but it also enhanced my public speaking skills.

When I spoke in front of 300 of my target audience straight after Influence Now, understanding the audiences’ deepest darkest fears, problems they face, and how to build a bridge of understanding through identification to help them overcome their challenges. Matt and Bianca did the hard yards over the years coming up with the perfect strategy, so now my clients get even bigger breakthroughs!

‘What’s really interesting is because of this new found confidence, and knowing that I have a proven system, it’s allowed me to become more present to my clients, and what’s happening in their lives that’s preventing them from taking action in business.  I’m applying the methodology of coaching and listening to what they really need and trusting my own intuition.

‘This alone has been getting some really amazing results for my clients, for example, one has found the confidence to quit his job that bogged him down, while another has even made the decision to be a coach as well and follow in my footsteps. This has stemmed from my constant practice and study of NLP.  This alone really has separated me from any other ordinary coach.’

Since he attended Live it Now, I’ve watched Brandon become a man, and grow into the leader he has always wanted to be. He’s now living a life without limits, and is empowering others to do the same through Limitless Unlocked!

Coach Now combines a number of powerful disciplines, including: Positive psychology, advanced communication patterns, language patterns. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), advanced coaching dynamics, consulting, and Rapid Change Technologies. If you have a deep desire to empower people and yourself, live life on your terms and experience complete freedom in life and business, then don’t wait, Coach Now is the training for you.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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