How to Communicate – Part 2

How to Communicate – Part 2

Are you ready for the final instalment of ‘DISC’ Personality Types and communication?

So far we have introduced the four personality types (D-Dominant I-Influential S – Steady C -Compliant) and delved into some effective communication techniques that will help you connect quickly and effectively with the focus being on the first two personality types D and I.

This time, we are going to take a closer look at what works best when communicating with S – Steady and C – Compliant people.

DISC is a powerful way to talk to people to build rapport and resolve issues and it also helps with some fabulous bonuses too, like getting yourself a pay rise, a discount, a date, or getting out of a tricky situation.

I will start with a quick refresher of the last article but you can read the article again whenever you like.

Remember, Dominant type personalities and Influential type personalities are both extroverted quick talkers so matching their speed and tone will create an instant connection. Dominant personalities like the focus to be on goals and to be more direct (less is more). Influential personalities LOVE talking about themselves and are far more talkative and bubbly (more is more).

Our focus today is on the last (but not least!) two personality types: Steady (S) and Compliant (C).

S – Steady/Stable Personality

So, let’s get going with our Steady Stable personality. You may remember from my first post that Steady is the caring, nurturing, community-minded team player. They care deeply about those around them. They are loyal and steadfast and patient and outstanding listeners.

Steady do not like to be rushed into decisions. If you are presenting a change to them, give them time and information so they can digest what’s happening and why, and check in with their tribe. Unless they have already been going over things in their heads for a while, they will not be able to provide an On -the-Spot answer – if you’re in business providing powerful testimonials can help fast track this process by using social proof.

If you are a Steady Stable personality type yourself, you need to be aware of the danger in looking after everyone else before you look after yourself.  Steady personalities are people focussed but often get so caught up in the act of serving everyone they forget to fill up their love tank or honour their own needs.


  • Speak slowly
  • Talk about things inclusively – use words like ‘we’ and ‘us’
  • Give them time to process changes
  • Use a gentle tone
  • Be consistent in your patterns with them so they know what to expect – if you knock on the door before coming in, make a point of always doing that.
  • With meetings, give them ample time to prepare (before) and process (after)
  • Check in on how their workload is going before you ask if they can do more. They will probably say yes (to help you) even if they are already swamped or stressed.


Their greatest fear is change.

If you’re a C Personality, keep this in mind when communicating:

D – D and S are opposites (D is an extroverted, task focused person and S is an introverted people-person) so extra care needs to be taken to create a mutually respectful level of detail, pace of conversion, and balance between task and people themes. Celebrate the differences and play to both strengths to win!

I –  I and S have the fact both are “people people” in common (the S is all about “we” and the I is all about “me is the only difference plus S are introverted and I is more extroverted). Enjoy talking all things people (psychology, emotions, feelings) and play to the strengths of the S listening lots and the I talking lots (ensuring balance is a focus so the I does not dominate and the S does not resent this).

Other S’s – natural rapport, happy being calm, discussing people based themes. Caring about the community together and bonding over their desire to help and connect with the team or tribe.

C’s – C and S have the fact both are introverts in common (the only difference being C’s like tasks and S’s like people themes more). Enjoy the peaceful calm tone and slower pace and connect over your mutual dislike for conflict and attention and desire to research things in detail.

Communication Tips (2)

C – Compliant Personality

Time for some Compliant time. This personality thrives on accuracy. They are analytical, logical, conscientious and careful. They have incredible attention to detail and will complete tasks perfectly and before the deadline. 99% is a failure to them (100% is the bare minimum). They have very active minds and actively process, dissect and analyse most things and are particularly good with numbers, facts, details, statistics and academia.

Like Dominant personalities, this personality type is goal or task focussed. This, added with their perfectionism, can sometimes make them seem disconnected as they consider the impact of facts and figures before people’s feelings and are more introverted (or they may just be analysing). Please ensure that you still include them and engage with them as they still want to connect. Being goal focussed it is also important that you engage with them when they have completed their task or goal- not during a time of pressure- in that case, yes, go away and leave them in peace- just remember to come back when they are done. To connect, speak calmly, focus on facts and tell them things (more than asking) as introverts prefer statements and extroverts prefer questions.


  • Speak slowly, calmly, succinctly
  • Provide accurate facts, figures
  • Give clear parameters and expectations (measurable/detailed)
  • Talk about the goal or outcome
  • Celebrate anything they are perfect at
  • Focus on the tasks and details
  • Enjoy analysing subjects of mutual interest



Their greatest fear is criticism (as they are perfectionists)

If you’re a C Personality, keep this in mind when communicating:

D – D and C have tasks in common and enjoy getting things done. The D will naturally delegate (extroverted and motivated by being powerful) and the C will enjoy the clear expectations and deadlines.

I – These two are opposites (I is an extroverted people person and C is an introverted task person) so extra care needs to be taken to create a mutually respectful level of detail, pace of conversion and balance between task and people themes. Celebrate the differences and play to both strengths to win!

S – C and S have the fact both are introverts in common. Enjoy the calm atmosphere and bond over this and the comfort in observing from the sidelines rather than being in the limelight.

Other C’s – natural rapport, happy being calm, analysing together or giving each other space to get on with the task at hand

As always, be flexible in your communication style and almost be like a chameleon, able to adjust your communication style and topics to suit the person in front of you to maximise connection and rapport!

Remember to Love, Laugh, Learn and Live it now!

Miranda 🙂

*To learn more about the four DISC Personality Types and how to communicate with each, register to see Miranda present at our next Live it Now event* 

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