How to Communicate – Part 1

How to Communicate – Part 1

In my last post, I introduced the four personality types. To refresh your memory, the four personality types are:

D- Dominant: Direct. Decisive. Strong leader. Problem solver. Risk taker. Task and time focused.

I-Influence: Enthusiastic. Trusting. Optimistic. Persuasive. Talkative. Impulsive. Emotional. Social. Fun and self-focused.

S- Steady: Good listener. Team player. Steady. Predictable. Understanding. Friendly. Community and stability focused.

C- Compliant: Accurate. Analytical. Conscientious. Careful. Fact-finder. Precise. Perfectionistic. Task and detail focused.

As mentioned, DISC enables you to connect with absolutely ANYONE, anywhere, anytime! Now I want to share even more about HOW!

DISC is a powerful way to talk to people to build rapport and resolve issues and it also helps with some fabulous bonuses too, like getting yourself a pay rise, a discount, a date, or getting out of a tight spot.

Sound awesome? IT IS!

Before we start, I just HAVE to share this story of how I used DISC communication to get me out of a serious pickle, take notes, this may happen to you!

When stranded in Bali a couple of years ago (with a lost wallet, no cash and a plane about to take off), I managed to influence a very strict airport official to let my fiancé and I exit the country without paying the departure tax (as HE paid for it on our behalf). This man was a very serious, direct and professional man who spoke limited English (in fact he hardly spoke at all) and I was able to build massive rapport with him utilizing DISC and create a very creative solution AND ended up inviting him to our wedding! That is the power of DISC people!

Enough about me, let’s talk about I’s and D’s! (I will get to S and C in my next blog).

D – Dominant Personality

So, let’s start with the natural leader, the Dominant personality type. Here are some simple things to do that allow quick and easy connection.

● Talk quickly
● Ask questions
● Get straight to the point
● Be direct about how you feel and what you want
● Tell them what the outcomes will be
● Avoid fluff, gossip and chatter
● Give them the power, make them the expert
● Explain your goals in terms of time and results

Their greatest fear is being taken advantage of.

If you are a Dominant personality type yourself:
When you are on goal or under stress you might not have time to listen to someone’s point of view. Make yourself approachable outside of these times and preframe that you will be in task mode and nothing you say should be taken personally as you are just focusing on getting the best results. You may not have any recollection of what you said to them (as it was not meant in a bad way), but some people (especially Steady/Stables!) can interpret your direct communication as an attack or criticism and continue to go over it for days, maybe even years without saying anything. Make a point of asking people to openly express how they felt in that time of pressure once the high-pressure situation has ended. This will, in turn, offer you an opportunity to explain that it’s not personal and you didn’t realise the impact you had on them. Also explain they can always discuss it with you afterwards and a slower paced feedback session could be factored in before and after. Simple steps like smiling when communicating will help to ensure you come across with warmth.

Communication Tips

I – Influential Personality

And those social peacocks, the Influential types (‘I’ personality)? Here are some simple things to do that allow quick and easy connection.

● Ask Questions (about them)
● Talk quickly
● Use an upbeat tone of voice
● Make it fun
● Be conversational
● Use enthusiasm
● Be expressive

Their greatest fear is rejection.

If you are an Influential personality type yourself:
The golden rule is this: You have two eyes, two ears, and only one mouth. So concentrate on hearing and seeing twice as much as you talk. This way the people around you feel included, and understand that you care about what they think, how they feel and what they know (this helps create balance as I’s can be “me” focused rather that “you” focused and a combination is most powerful).

As you can see from the points above, effective communication with a Dominant personality means less talk whereas strong communication with an Influential personality means more talk. This highlights how important it is to be present enough to know what personality type you have in front of you (as well as your own) and be flexible in your communication style and almost be like a chameleon, able to adjust your communication style and topics to suit the person in front of you to maximise connection and rapport!

So, that’s the top half of the board covered. Next week we’ll address communication techniques for S- Steady/Stable and C – Compliant personality types.

Remember to Love, Laugh, Learn and Live it now!
Miranda 🙂

*To learn more about the four DISC Personality Types and how to communicate with each, register to see Miranda present at our next Live it Now event* 

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