Learn How To Create Loving Relationships

Learn How To Create Loving Relationships

So, Saturday night and it comes to this. Are you the table with the couple gazing into each others eyes, your meal left unnoticed beneath you as you talk and laugh, enjoying each others company; or are you the table with the couple who sit, order, eat and leave without saying a word?

Maybe you were booked on that table in the corner but you got into a fight while you were getting ready and now you’re in different rooms with the doors shut. Or perhaps you’re that person walking their dog outside, glancing in at all those couples wondering, “When will it ever be my turn?”

When it comes to relationships, people tend to think they are powerless. You believe you can’t change the relationship you are in or create yourself a partner out of thin air. Well Michael Adamedes is going to disagree with you, and so will the people who have previously attended Creating Loving Relationships.

If you liked Love & Power you’re going to love Creating Loving Relationships!

What is Creating Loving Relationships?

Creative Loving Relationships is a three-day power course, perfect for both COUPLES AND SINGLES. For couples, it improves current relationships through understanding, communication and intimacy. For singles, it breaks through the barriers that keep you single, allowing you to attract and keep a love of your own. The flow on effect of the strategies you learn in Creating Loving Relationships can be used in every relationship in your life; romantic, friendships, family, business.

‘I’ll be teaching you about communication and love strategies, to spark a relationship, or take your current relationships to the next level’ says Michael.

What Michael will take you through are some amazing strategies that you can instantly apply to your life. He will also simplify those relationship complexities, enabling you to understand what happens and why. Once you have the information you can find the answers very easily for a joyful and fulfilling relationship today, and in years to come. This training has saved marriages and helped families to reconnect after years of anger and turmoil.
Vanessa from Stanmore NSW attended a past session. “Looking back, it seems so obvious and easy, but I would have made all those mistakes if I wasn’t shown how to do things right.”

Francis from Kingsford NSW loved what they gained from Creative loving relationships sessions. “After 24 years of marriage, we still found ways to help us in our journey and keep the passion alive.”

Michael will be walking you through many essential components, including the key requirements for a long term relationship, your emotional bank account, money and relationships, love versus lust, and how to maintain the romance.

No matter where you are at in life, you will take something out of Creating Loving Relationships that will impact all of your relationships in a positive way.

Like Alison from Surfers Paradise QLD. She’s left previous relationships, including two marriages, but it was this course that enabled her to crystallise everything she had learned from those relationships to put into finding the right new partner, “I am now clear about creating the right relationship and what I have to do to bring him into my life”.

‘I’ll ensure your new relationships step out on the right path from the outset. I will show you how to reinvigorate an existing romantic, enhance familial and professional relationships, and I’ll teach you how to identify, attract and create the right new relationship’ added Michael.

If you’d like some help with your relationship, if you’ve just about given up and feel there is nowhere to turn, book online today and see what Michael has to teach you.


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