Life is about relationships

Life is about relationships

Did you know we are all the average of the people in our direct environments?

Think of your friends, family members, work colleagues.

You are the average in terms of results, the average in finances, health, and relationships.

Another way to look at it is this way.  We unconsciously pick up the beliefs and values of the people we hang out with… which in turn shapes our behaviour.  As I said this is an unconscious pattern so we are probably not consciously aware of this.  But think of the way you behave around the different circles in your life… you probably behave differently with your work colleagues, vs. your family, vs. different circle of friends.

So when you think of your environment, are you surrounding yourself with people who are achieving 5 x what your goals are or are you that person in your environment?

One of the key steps to achieving success in life, whether it is around relationships, career, health etc is what we call the “5 by 5”.  This is where you select 5 people or mentors that are achieving results 5 levels above you in the area of life you most want to develop.

Oprah Winfrey once said “you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with” (so choose wisely!)

Four years ago I was in the corporate world when I attended my first Live It Now event and signed up for the Platinum Package to follow my dream to be an entrepreneur. This one weekend connected me with my true passion and purpose and I did whatever it took to set up my coaching and presenting business. And that journey now finds me back at Live it now on the stage and behind the scenes rather than front row bursting with excitement at all I was learning about success and how to have it.

Once I had aligned myself to what I wanted, I was finding people who didn’t align with my values started dropping out of my life. It was as if the ‘taxi light’ went on. I had taken the step of deleting online profiles as it was very time wasting, when I received an alert from a free online dating site. I was bored at home, so made the decision to go on for 24 hours only, then delete myself.

As I knew I would only be on for 24 hours, I was really raw, really real, and I was my authentic self. I knew who I was, and I was happy to share that as I had no attachment to the outcome.

I was coming from a place of love, like it or lump it!

I’m a big believer in the law of attraction” (or my spin on it “the law of massive action”) and there were many specific steps to meeting my soulmate however my vision board had a lot to do with this, as by completing Platinum with 1:1 coaching I managed to meet my soulmate and create my dream business helping others do the same through education, coaching and community.

One day while I was staying in Coogee I was doing the ‘Coogee Steps’ with my personal trainer when I noticed that 50 metres away was a guy walking along alone. I did a double take. My vision board was 99% complete, but my soulmate didn’t have a face, because I knew I would know it when I saw it. Straight away I said to myself internally ‘vision board guy’ when I saw him, but we didn’t speak and he didn’t see me…

So I would love to share with you my Top 5 Tips for attracting your soulmate!

  1. Be brave enough to admit that you want to meet your soulmate
  2. To find your soulmate, become your own soulmate (fall in love with you)
  3. Do whatever it takes (work on yourself, visualising, online dating, ask yourself ‘what do I want and how am I going to get it?’
  4. Focus on what you want, NOT on what you don’t want. Come from love instead of  fear.
  5. Work on yourself.


As for me and Vision Board Guy from Coogee? Well he sent me a message through an online dating site saying I looked and sounded like his dream profile, and that he thought his mates had created a fake account!

Our first phone call was like two long lost friends talking, and we were quickly laughing at each others bad jokes. By now I was back in Darlinghurst, and while we were on the phone I heard a siren, which I then heard in the background of our call. While we were talking, he was walking almost straight past the front of my house.

I was getting goose bumps!

He asked me out for coffee. I wasn’t ‘date ready’ so said Sunday. He said now. I was being pushed outside my comfort zone, and couldn’t help but feel like he might be ‘the one’.

We had so much rapport I tickled him hello when we went on our first date, which went for 8 hours! By the end of the date, we were both honest enough to say it was love at first site and were inseparable, engaged within 6 months, and have been ever since J

My recommendation is to surround yourself with 5 people that are getting the results that you want. Just having those people around you influences and shifts your values and belief systems, which will then influence your behaviour and the actions you take! And as I said this all happens unconsciously!!

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Miranda Claire – Relationship Queen

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