NLP Training With Jeeshan

NLP Training With Jeeshan

When we put our calendar of NLP training events together earlier in the year, we had a problem. We had so many courses we wanted to offer and so much content to share, but not enough days in the year! So, we decided to run Excellence Now and Coach Now back to back to give participants an even more powerful experience.

By overwhelming the conscious mind, we’re able to speak directly to the unconscious mind, and get to the truth. By getting real, incredible transformations happen. For the participants who completed all eleven days of training, the results have already been incredible. We’ve seen so many aspiring coaches already finding practice clients and completing the first session in record time!

One student who came up to Sydney from Melbourne to complete both Excellence Now then Coach Now is Jeeshan Rahman. After completing the courses Jeeshan wisely took an opportunity to recharge the batteries, something that is vital for any entrepreneur, and she spoke to us recently from the beaches of Vanuatu.

“I was feeling exhausted after Excellence Now and Coach Now to be honest, however, I’m so excited at the same time for all my learnings . This was my first time doing both courses, and I enjoyed the interactions thoroughly!

“I had so many breakthroughs, I lost count. I tackled some big issues that had scared me but knowing I was in a safe environment to break through was a blessing!”

Studying NLP

For many people, attending Live it Now is their introduction to NLP. Jumping straight from Live it Now into Excellence Now is such a good pathway to becoming an NLP practitioner as participants have seen NLP at work over the two days of Live it Now, then get to practice and master the techniques across six jam-packed days at Excellence Now.

“My goal for Excellence Now was to learn the fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Programming and become aware of the emotions that were coming up for me. There have been a lot of breakthroughs in that 11 days, both for me and all the other participants in the room. Being able to see Matt and the team complete interventions on the stage, then walk us through the techniques used, was a life-changing experience! I am so happy with my growth and with my tribe who did the course with me.

“I’m looking forward to re-sitting both of these courses so I can start to develop mastery. Having a lifetime re-sit policy on these courses is beyond my expectations. I had no expectation of the actual courses, yet everything was delivered so well, it would have met my high expectations anyway!

Studying Coaching

At the end of 11 days, although physically tired, Jeeshan was like a Ferrari revving her engines, ready to go out and start coaching and changing lives. For many new coaches, the real learning starts when they get in front of their first client. As a result, we have five follow-up evenings where new coaches can discuss the challenges they have faced with one of our Master Coaches. Doing this in a group environment gives every coach an opportunity to learn and grow and achieve even better results with their clients.

“I feel so confident and ready to become a coach now. The Coach Now structure is perfect for us new coaches, everything is laid out in simple to follow sessions. I am happy with the content and structure of the course, we’re so well supported on this journey! I love Bianca, what more can I say!

“Next, I will be going through all the sessions with my practice clients. I really want to make a difference in people’s lives and become good at coaching. I am loving my future now!”

When speaking with Jeeshan, her enthusiasm for coaching and life in general bursts through the phone. I can’t wait to hear about the results she achieves with her clients, and will be watching this coach on the rise with a keen eye.

We run both Coach Now and Excellence Now multiple times throughout the year, so if you’re ready to reach new heights like Jeeshan has, register today.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling

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