The History of Valentine’s Day

The History of Valentine’s Day

Life is about relationships and who we spend our time with
Our longing for connection is powerful and true
Not alone are you whose gaze falls to hillocks of gold daisy hue
Dreaming of picnic rugs and back rubs, maybe your child scampering
The one you love at your side, with sweet teasing and pampering.

Wouldn’t it be divine if this Valentine’s Day you created loving and powerful relationships, either through rekindling a dying fire of an existing partnership, or should you be single, finding a new and everlasting love.

I think it’s prudent, at this time, speaking to you truthfully now, on the subject of Valentine’s Day that you heed the importance of communication.
It is with a heavy heart I do tell you, the feast of St Valentine is dead. Lack of communication was the reason for it being lost. And instead of knowing the true heart of Valentine, we are left with meagre mystery.

Imagine that over 1500 years ago the first official feast day for St Valentine was celebrated, to encapsulate the life and sacrifice of Valentine, someone who, the Pope of the year 496 considered worth remembering. As there is no record of which of the possible three St Valentines (all Martyred on Feb 14) he was intending to celebrate his feast was erased from the Catholic liturgical calendar in 1969. If only he had said, verbalised, spoken, cried his love and thanks February 14th may still indeed be a feast, and the sacrifice of Valentine be known.

So I turn now to you and ask, with soft eyes and generous heart, have you spoken your truth? Have you spoken of your love recently? Do they know why you adore them? Who you adore?
Consider the cost of keeping your love silent, the gradual slipping and fading, without fact, without proclamation, may in time be erased? Let your intentions be known. That is the power that is passed down still.

As the poet Geoffrey Chaucer did in 1381, weaving his words to celebrate the engagement of Richard II to Anne of Bohemia, he joined love and Valentine’s Day as one, forever enabling it to be a celebration of love, a time to pen your affections. And indeed the

And indeed the 12-year marriage of the King and Queen of England was a beautiful and well-balanced one. Imagine what you can inspire and lead to!

Revealing your affections is what the day is all about, in 1700 England it was common practice to make and write out Valentines cards for February 14th
creative with words and creative with lace. Round bottom cupids with arrows and hearts, bringing the gift giving way as we know it today.
So I beseech, I implore to speak you heart and reveal all affections.

It is true that every King needs their Queen and every Queen needs her King.
Attend our Valentine’s Day Special, presented by Michael Adamedes, and learn how you can let go of the past, turn the affections of your heart into words, actions, sounds and touch and live like royalty with your special someone.

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