The Problem With Akashic Records

The Problem With Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are said to hold a testament to everything that has ever happened or will ever happen on earth. It implies that the past directly affects the future, possibly inescapably. So too the book of Karma. The errors of your previous lives will determine your current and next life, and in some cases, who or what you will be reborn as. It’s difficult for me to believe that there is something or someone ‘up there’ recording every single thing we do and say. It’s like a giant version of Santa, watching everything and writing it all down for prosperity or balance. I do believe a record exists but not on a universal or global level, it’s a personal one. We are each responsible for our own record. Not just that is exists but also its accuracy and flexibility of the information we believe is important.

The unconscious mind holds a recording of everything we have experienced or that has been passed down to us through family. Some people find they have ‘memories’ or recordings of their time as an infant, even if their conscious memory doesn’t recall these moments. Or even further back, to the time in the womb. We hold this information within us, not so that we become walking, talking encyclopaedias, and not to weigh up the goods and evils for rewards and punishments. The records exist so we can meet our true purpose. Some might say a calling or a passion or a life quest. The information we gather is to complete that purpose, even if you have no real knowledge of what that purpose is yet.

We are completely responsible for what we record and how we retrieve that information. What can happen though is that our internal records become clogged with inaccuracies, limited by the emotional charge we attach to them or distorted by the filters in place when the memory was made. Being off centre in your core can cause you to wander in the opposite direction to your purpose, feeling aimless and dissatisfied.

Our perception of the world is made up of a projection of our current expectations. If you look for bad things, you will see bad things, because your mind has been primed to see those things and ignore the rest. So if we change our expectation by projecting beauty, gratitude and kindness through our thoughts and actions, then we perceive those things more and it feels like there is suddenly a lot more goodness everywhere we go. It is more the inability of our subconscious to absorb large amounts of information rather than Karma at work here. Our mind looks for specific information and follows instructions to our wants and desires, to the letter, even when it’s not to our long-term advantage

This is why Akashic records would be difficult to manage. We can change what we see and what we desire in an instant, so the variations and possibilities of the world are endless and unprintable.

It is not up to a score keeper to keep the balance and make sure the recordings are fair, it’s up to us, it’s up to you. When we are on passion and purpose we feel great, and we feel excited for the future, with genuine confidence around decision making. We tap into our super-self and nothing is out of reach for us, no matter how big our personal purpose might be.

It’s worth staying on purpose, on keeping the ledger even (or tipped towards positive). It’s at this point when we are our happiest and most authentic selves, and are able to give the most back to our community.

Not everyone automatically cleans up the database though.

Unless we are taught how to revisit, question and flip negatives to become our strengths and allies, we can start to carry them around, getting heavier and heavier. At the super heavy end, there is nothing good left in the world. Yesterday was bad, tomorrow will be bad and every day after that, bad. This is not reality, it is our core that is out of balance. I have lost too many friends to suicide. Men who had incredible things going for them, who had done unbelievably amazing things that were not correctly recorded in their subconscious.

If we say “it’s karma”, we don’t have to take responsibility for what is happening in our lives, if we say, it’s written on the Akashic records, we don’t need to take responsibility for what is in our heads.

If we want to live a life of passion and success it’s up to us to revisit, re-evaluate and reconsider our records.

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