Understanding the four DISC Personality Types

Understanding the four DISC Personality Types

With the personal development I have invested in over the years, there is so much mind-blowing information out there and one of my big favourites is DISC Personality as it is so practical and powerful.

DISC Personality is the number one tool I use for effective communication, connection, rapport, sales, influence, coaching, interviews and all relationships (personal and business) – sounds pretty good right? IT IS! Let me share more about it so you can start using it too!

DISC Personality Types

DISC refers to the four major personality types in the world. We are all unique, wonderful, powerful people and we each express our uniqueness through our behaviours. Key patterns in these behaviours can be observed and grouped into four main groups (hence the four main personality types).

Knowing the four personality types can really help explain some of the similarities and differences between us, and utilising your knowledge of personality types can transform your relationships.

If you can imagine the four personality types as four different species of animal, it is all about understanding the behaviours and key drivers of all four so we can connect to them in their preferred communication style to create trust and connection at the conscious and unconscious level. Imagine being able to connect with absolutely ANYONE, anywhere, anytime by being able to know in 10 seconds how they need to be spoken to in order to feel a connection? Welcome to DISC!

I want to highlight that people are not their behaviour, and behaviours can change. DISC looks at a person’s behaviour. A person can be kind (that is who they are) and their communication can be very loud and direct (that is their behaviour).

So, by now I am sure you are asking, what are the four personality types?


This type of person has a powerful energy, is a direct communicator and loves immediate results. They make quick decisions and are very decisive. They like goals and are also very time and task oriented and will do whatever it takes to reach their goal on time. They love winning and can be competitive. While they can come across as harsh, blunt or quick tempered they are just as quick to get over it and don’t hold grudges. Often the reason for the bluntness is not personal, it is just the fastest way to get the message across.

A Dominant personality is a natural leader and is able to take charge, effectively delegate tasks and get staff motivated to achieve amazing results.

Who is famous with the personality style of Dominance?

● Donald Trump
● Simon Cowell


This is a ‘people person’ who often enjoys the spotlight. They want to make a favourable impression and like to be liked. Luckily they are also very easy to like, with their warm honest persona, flair, and bubbly confidence.

They will usually be the life of the party, loving the attention they get from making a spectacle of themselves. There is a natural tendency for this personality to put a lot of focus on them (a dose of ‘all-about-me-it is’) so it is important they make an effort to ask more questions and make less statements and really listen to others and they will connect even more.

These are the people you want to have at any party or event as they get people talking, generate energy and enthusiasm and naturally break the ice in chilly situations.

Who is famous with the personality style of Influence?

• Jim Carrey
• Oprah Winfrey


This person is a loyal team player with a calm and caring energy. They are very much focused on a sense of community, support, and what the tribe are doing. They care deeply about those around them. They are loyal and steadfast and patient.

Rapid changes do not sit well with this personality type at all, they like a predictable pace and environment and can therefore tend to stay in one place and work for the same boss for years.

When it comes to decision-making, the steady/stable personality type likes to research, and research, and research, then check in with friends, media, and testimonials to be sure they really are getting into or buying the right thing as they will usually hold onto it for a long time and can be prone to indecision due to this process.

Their patience, honesty and consideration make them great councillors and lifelong friends.

Who is famous with the personality style of Steady/Stable?

● Nelson Mandela
● Mother Teresa


This person is really into details, specifics, facts, numbers, statistics, precision, and perfection. They love investigation and analysing. This person knows there is a right way to do things and wonders why others don’t do it that way too.

They are sticklers for rules and regulations and are committed to structure, procedure, systems, and policy. This personality type will provide more than was expected and before the due date.

You know you are this personality type if you read all the Terms and Conditions of an iTunes agreement.

This person is often the perfectionist who may end up being very hard on themselves or experience ‘analysis paralysis’ due to getting so obsessed with details and perfection.

This personality type thrives in accounting, banking and finance roles. Their accuracy makes them highly valuable in the workplace.

Who is famous with the personality style of Compliance?

● Albert Einstein
● Diane Sawyer

DISC Personality Types

Which personality partnerships work best naturally?

Ever wondered why you get along with some people really well and others not at all? The answer might be in the type of personality you have and how you are communicating with the personality types outside of your own (or those naturally complimentary to yours).

There is a natural flow of relationships. You may recognise the following in your own interactions with people. Please do keep in mind the below examples are what tend to happen (naturally when on auto-pilot) BUT thanks to DISC, there is now no personality type you can’t learn to connect and communicate effectively with! ……How exciting, right?

Dominant personality types get along wonderfully with Compliant personalities as both are goal orientated and task focused. There is very little chit chat and air kissing between these two groups, which suits them both just fine. Dominant personalities especially like that Compliant types will accurately deliver results for almost any task delegated to them on time and without fuss.

Dominant clashes sometimes with Influential and Steady/Stable personality types as these are both people oriented and like to ‘get to know you’. A busy or stressed Dominant person will not have time for friendly chats, ‘fluff’, long instructions or comforting words. Not because they don’t care, simply because their mind is on the time and task at hand.

Influential and Steady/Stable people get on wonderfully well together. Both are people focused and like the intimacy of developing relationships and feed off each other’s passion and energy. They tend to bond quickly and like spending time together. You also have a natural talker and natural listener which works well as a dynamic.

Influential personality types may have trouble engaging with Compliant people as they tend to remain very cool, not showing or expressing much emotion and are typically not very excitable. The exaggeration and emotion that an Influential person communicates with may frustrate the Compliant personality as it is missing important facts and the speed of speech does not allow ample analysis time.

Steady/Stable types may have difficulties with Dominant personalities as dominant people often speak brashly and expect sudden changes. This may cause the Steady personality to feel sensitive or uncomfortable as this doesn’t allow for the natural check in with their tribe that needs to happen. The dominant personality may feel frustrated by the Steady personality types naturally softer, slower and indirect communication style.

Now that you know what your personality type is you have a better understanding of why you react to certain things and why you do what you do. You also have a way of understanding the behaviour of others and with that, you will be able to communicate with them in a way that suits their personality.

Over the next two weeks, I will break down how to communicate with each personality type so you can ask for a raise, start a conversation, turn awkward into friendship or get your project back on track.

*To learn more about the four DISC Personality Types and how to communicate with each, register for our next free Live it Now event today* 

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