What is NLP?

What is NLP?

People often ask me, ‘Matt, what is NLP?’

Simply put NLP stands for:
• Neuro: the controlling part of your brain and nervous system
• Linguistic: Language of
• Programming: Method of response to our environment.

When we put that together NLP is the language of your mind that programs how you run as a human being and is responsible for the results you achieve.

Taking it one step further, the language element involves input from all of our sensors (touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight) and includes all aspects of communication, including verbal, non-verbal and energetic. As we experience more of the world our programming systems get more and more wired to our past experiences and expectations of the world, thus limiting our responses by what we already know.

It sounds bit boring, like the coding of a computer game, only there is a big difference with NLP. When you know how the code works, you can rewrite the game you are playing to be anything you want… no matter what you want it to be. Now things get interesting.

Want to win the game of life? Write your own code.

Everything we do is operated by our internal language systems. How we think, how we feel, and how we communicate is organised and filtered for us to make understanding the world we experience fast and easy – and it needs to be quick and easy, we have two million bits of new information flooding our senses every single second!

Like so many systems in the real world, making things run ‘quick and easy’ usually means taking shortcuts and losing some quality. Our brain takes massive shortcuts, we let over 99% of the second-to-second information blow by us. The results: the tiny amount of information that does get through to our neuro network can be a really long way from the truth.

This is why after a car crash one eye-witness will say the car was green, and another will say it was blue!

The real problem is we don’t even know that we are running corrupt systems and glitchy code so we just loop it over and over, running the same mistakes again and again. Ever noticed that you break off a relationship only to end up in an identical situation with a different person? How does that happen? It’s your coding.

Errors in our programming are totally invisible to us, until someone points one out. Even then, we have to be in the right frame of mind to listen, or an argument blows up.

The study of NLP gives us access to the information that was chopped off in the original filtering process without having a screaming match about who said what, when. Much like Beats headgear gives you back the musical notes MP3 deletes, the study of NLP gives you back the thoughts and feelings that were deleted on the way to your brain. When you have access to more information you can get better results, open more doors, and access more choices; lots more choices.

Knowledge is power, and there is no greater instance of that than NLP, the knowledge of yourself.

NLP was developed in the early 1970s and has since been used for personal development and all-around success. Originally it was used for business excellence but it is rapidly finding strength in excellence for health and personal relationships. Of course, how you use it is completely up to you.

Tony Robbins is one of those who has made understanding and mentoring with NLP a life’s work, with incredible personal success.

You don’t need Tony Robbins to get a personal breakthrough. You can achieve your own excellence, just by taking an NLP course.

NLP gurus such as Milton Erickson have carefully modelled the internal patterns of excellence in people who achieve incredible results. Using those patterns they have created tried and true training methods that teach people the communication patterns of excellent behaviour.

It’s not a surface training, this is deep human core training. You are given tips and techniques on how to work with your subconscious mind to imprint the state of excellence directly into your deepest stream of consciousness. Basically, that translates to, we do activities that are wildly fun, have a deep and lasting impact and give you power over yourself that you have never seen before! Switch bad habits over in less than five minutes, erase cravings for really terrible foods, forgive your parents in minutes…

It’s safe, fast and effective. Not only can you improve your own performance in any area of life, you can offer suggestions and interact better with others as well. It’s probably the most eye-opening information you can access.

Knowing the who, what and why of the true you, gives you direct access to your true authentic self.

I like to think of the practice of NLP as a collaboration. Previously all the parts of your inner self were working separately, all doing their own thing for whatever reason they felt was important. When we use NLP, we align every part of you to one goal. We get all parts on the same page using the same language at the same time. And I don’t mean some barking drill sergeant ordering you to stand to attention, we do all this through cooperative work and communication. We take the time to know what the differences are, why there was a split, what the goal is and do we all want to work together to reach it? It’s a very powerful form of inner healing.

Feeling lost, fractured, confused, disillusioned or trapped. NLP is the map that will lead you home again.

Using NLP we can mend splits that formed decades before and bring you back to a whole and fully functioning unit. That much alone gives you more energy to get where you want to go, gives you access to better parenting skills, better work skills and more love for yourself.

When you have access to more of you, you discover skills that have been long buried, you naturally shine brighter, tap into your passion, reach higher and become a leader. The more practice and energy you put into practising NLP the stronger you will become and the more success you can generate in your personal life.

We each have our own unique personal map of the world in our head. The map is limited, incomplete and inaccurate. By expanding the map to better match the terrain, we give ourselves more breathing space, room for growth and access to new discoveries.

A better map gives us the power to shift from being average or mediocre in any activity to becoming excellent. We achieve this by purposefully adapting our minds around that activity. We are limited by our internal communications:

• I’m too lazy
• I’m no good at…
• I am not worth it
• I don’t deserve it
• They will reject me

Once a path through the excuses and stories is formed there is nothing left to stop you from excelling in any area.

What is NLP? It’s something you can use to create freedom in life and business. If you would like to see it in action and feel the results yourself, join us at Live it Now and learn more about this transformational tool.

Kindest regards,

Matt Catling


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